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Duoword Puzzles app review: a challenging word game to keep your brain working



Duoword Puzzles is an iPhone and iPad game that features a unique, creative, word-building conundrum. It’s a race against time as you only have five minutes to figure out the correct 14-letter, two-word solution.

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Duoword Puzzles


Solve the Puzzle

Duoword Puzzles starts by giving you two clues. You are told the length of each word and the first letter of the first word This isn't much to go on! You then have to figure out the remaining 13 letters' places and they appear in a shuffled starting grid. You can either slide them to the place you’d like or select the place and tap them to go. Not seeing any possible options? Give the letters a shuffle and see if that’ll help.

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If you have placed a bunch of letters in the word spaces and you don’t like how it’s looking, you can start over easily by hitting the clear button. I like this feature because I am constantly having to start over in word puzzle games. I feel like a million bucks when I solve it, but they’re a challenge for me! If you’re one of the word masters though, then solve it in less than a minute to get 400 extra points and earning a clueless minute.

Timed Fun

I always like games that you have to play in a set amount of time. This means that if you’re going to an appointment, you know how much you can play before you have to stop, or if it’s almost dinner time, you can stop playing or at least tell your dinner companions that there’s only one minute left. This game runs in a five-minute cycle, and if you don’t solve the puzzle by then, it's round over. When you do get a word correct though, the word will turn green so that you know to stop shuffling that particular part.

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In this first series of the game, there are over 2000 combinations of words to solve, so you will have lots of different options to figure out. It’s fun, it’s challenging, and it’ll give your brain a good workout! You can earn points to try again and you can also play the first 200 puzzles free before you need to earn bonus clues.

Duoword Puzzles


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • 2000 word combinations to solve
  • 200 free puzzles before you need to start cashing in your coins


  • If you run out of coins you’ll have to purchase more to keep playing

Final Thoughts

Duoword Puzzles is an iPhone and iPad puzzle game that will have you shuffling letters to try to solve the conundrum of the word puzzles. I am not personally that great at word puzzles, but I do like to try to solve them. I like that there’s a five-minute time limit, so if I’m struggling I can tell myself that I only have to go for two more minutes. It also means that I can tell my dinner companions that there’s only one more minute in the round. There are lots of different word combinations to master, and overall the game is fun to play. Give it a try and see how fast you can solve the puzzles!


Duoword Puzzles

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