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Epic Cat Runner app review: an endless runner for cat lovers



Endless runner games may be the most successful category of game in the App Store. What makes these games appealing is their simplicity and non-stop action: as soon as you hit play you can’t take your eyes off the screen for a second or its likely game over! There are two different sub-categories of games in the endless runner category: sides-crollers and the newer types like Subway Surfer or Temple Run. Epic Cat is a cute and fun runner that squarely falls into the side-scroller category. If you enjoy these types of games Epic Cat Runner won’t disappoint. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

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Epic Cat Runner - Endless Runner Adventure Game


Cat Crazy Fun

When it comes to endless runner games it’s difficult for developers to come up with any new innovative improvements to the genre. The best they can normally hope for is that you’ll fall in love with their characters and the overall package of their app. Epic Cat Runner does a great job of making you fall in love with the cute little cat character in this one, and with a winning combination of great game play and entertaining sound effects this is one of the better endless runner apps you’ll come across in the App Store.

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It’s not without a couple of issues though. For one, it does contain a lot of ads and these are of the full-page variety. After about every third game or so you will be subjected to a full-page ad that you won’t be able to close for at least 30 seconds. These are some of the longest-lasting full-paged ads I’ve ever been exposed to in a free app. It also takes quite a while to boot up, and when it does boot up the first thing it asks you to do is rate the app. As annoying as these issues are it’s still a highly entertaining game, but my biggest problem with this one is that it did completely freeze on me on a couple of occasions. I had to completely exit the app and start over. This app will require 36.6 MB of available space on your iOS device.

How to Play

Epic Cat Runner has a lot of the standard features you’re used to in any runner style game. You tap on the screen to jump and if you double-tap you’ll jump even higher. As you run across the screen you’ll want to collect as many coins and milk cartons as possible, while avoiding obstacles in your way. Your little cat character is jumping across the rooftops of a cartoon city, so of course you’ll have to jump from building to building as well. If you fall off a building it’s game over.

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As you collect more coins you’ll be able to purchase different costumes for your cat to spice things up a little. There are definitely some cool costumes to choose from. There’s also quite a complete leaderboard which allows you to continuously track how you’re going in every game category. You can also share your scores with your friends on Facebook as well if you want to partake in a little friendly competition. 

Epic Cat Runner - Endless Runner Adventure Game


Pros and Cons


  • Cute graphics and sound effects
  • Fun gameplay
  • Ability to purchase different costumes
  • Great leaderboard and sharing options with Facebook


  • Full-paged, long-lasting pop-up ads
  • Boot time is a little slow
  • App freezes on occasion 

Final Words

Epic Cat Runner is one of the better endless runner games to come out of the App Store in a while. It combines cute graphics and excellent gameplay to create an entertaining package. Apart from the odd ad and the tendency to freeze on occasion, this is an excellent effort. 


Epic Cat Runner - Endless Runner Adventure Game

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