If you just can't get enough of your favorite beverage, soda, then check out our list of the best soda apps for your iPad. 


Soda Shake

Price: $0.99

As far as physics app goes, this is one of the simplest we have seen for the iOS by far! All you do with this app is to “shake” your device as hard as you can and see the “soda” inside fizzle and shoot! It’s idiotic like a frat-boy party, but a little stupid fun is god every once in a while, no?



Soda bubbles

Price: $0.99

And speaking of fizzing out your soda, the aim in this app is to make as many soda bubbles as you can inside the bottle without none of them breaking! Yeah, we don’t get what’s the point of it either,but as far as quick gaming fixes go, this one is sweet!





Soda wipeout

Price: $0.99

Throw a tennis ball against a stack of soda cans… and that’s basically it!  If you’re just looking for a game where you can bust out your daily “stresses”, then this one is it!





Maker - ice cream soda!

Price: Free

Who misses Pop Tate’s diner from Archie? If you’re too young to remember this fictional touchstone of Americana culture, then here’s a chance to relive it through this app which allows you to make your very own soda ice cream concoctions! The only thing lacking with it, is an old-time jukebox! 





Price: $2.99

You may ban your kid from drinking too much soda, but you sure as heck will be delighted when someone takes the time to explain how fizz is achieved with each bottle of soda, thanks to this child-friendly, interactive app! With the help of Mr. Heisen-Bear and Dr. Al-Bear Einstein—essentially, the Marty McFly and Doc Brown of this world—your child will be exposed to the fun parts of chemistry with the help of this app!