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Telegraph app review: read the latest news from your phone



The Internet has turned the world into a global village. It is now incredibly easy to communicate with people who are miles or even continents away. Information forms an important part of our lives which we can’t ignore. Thanks to the Internet, it is now easier to access news from any part of the world just by the click of a button.

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The Telegraph app, for example, is the latest invention that allows users to get news throughout the day sent directly to their iPhone. Simply put, it is a comprehensive newspaper on your phone as it covers politics, business, sports, and lifestyle, among others.

The app not only provides news but also videos and photo galleries that provide users with complete stories covered from every angle. Telegraph has a user-friendly interface that presents a number of options to its users; for example, one can skip straight to a favorite section without reading the headlines.

The Telegraph UK - Live News


Get to Know the Latest News

A while ago it was easy to get news on your laptop or PC through websites or RSS feeders but with the creation of telegraph iPhone app allows you to get the news in a different way. Telegraph makes it possible for users to access high-quality journalism they would expect on print from their phones. Before the introduction of monthly subscription fees it was as easy as downloading the app and enjoying its benefits. It is much to the advantage of readers who don’t like reading newspapers while the printing press saves on production costs.

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At first the app offered news with content for free. It is a great informational tool as users can share news on various social platforms. In addition the app has been upgraded to complement the Windows 8 touchscreen interface that allows users to tap or click on the appropriate tile to access the whole story or view images. Moreover, the growing use of tablets has led to increased demand for more lean-forward and lean-back features on the app. This explains why there is a subscription fee for the app and lots of upgrades.

Best Features

The app permits users to not only access the latest news but also share with friends and family through Facebook, e-mail, or Twitter. Users can develop a custom feed of stories for topics they find interesting.

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Sports fans can watch live matches, scores, and results. It also allows users to follow financial data from the world markets.

Readers can read news even without a connection. 

The Telegraph UK - Live News


Pros and Cons


  • The telegraph app is known to offer news with content
  • The app allows free download with up to a 30-day trial
  • Telegraph newspaper, iPad, and Digital Pack subscribers can use the app free of charge


  • Frequent pop-up ads can distract users when reading the news

Final Thoughts

Clearly telegraph iPhone app provides direct access to daily need-to-know news. With the right subscription the user is likely to enjoy high-quality content news.


The Telegraph UK - Live News

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