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Secret Photos KYMS app review: offering a secure hidden vault to protect your files-2021



If you want to protect the files stored in your mobile device, then you can securely hide them using the Secret Photos KYMS app. This calculator app hider serves as a secret vault that hides behind a working calculator.

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It supports all types of files including photos, videos, documents, passwords, contacts, and more. The KYCal app uses military-grade AES encryption with state-of-the-art real-time decryption capability.

With kyms app there will be no more panicking when someone borrows your phone or tablet because of pictures or videos that are meant to remain private. 

The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It's also underdgone some recent upgrades to improve iOS 14 compatibility.  See our best vault apps list for more great options.

Secret photos KYMS


Protect Your Privacy with Secret Photos KYMS

There are times when you need an extra layer of security to protect your multimedia files and documents from prying eyes. If you are looking for a secure container that hides as a typical app, you should seriously consider installing Secret Photos KYMS in your device.

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KYMS is available as a premium app with in-app purchase option. This version allows you to protect multimedia files, documents, and passwords. If you want to add more items such as contacts, tasks, paper documents, and credit card info, then you have the option to upgrade it to premium pro.

The app uses a camouflaged icon in the form of a working calculator. No one will notice that this calculator is actually a security vault for your files. You can enter a secret PIN in order to open the real vault.

To transfer files to KYMS, just tap-hold an item that you want to protect and drag it inside the vault. The app automatically encrypts all files placed in the vault. You also don’t need a decryption key to open your files. Once you tap a protected file, it will open immediately using the app’s real-time decryption technology. 

Protect Your Privacy with Secret Photos KYMS image

Best Features of Secret Photos KYMS

Secret Photos KYMS offers military-grade security with AES encryption support. It is one of the strongest encryption technologies available in the market today.

This app supports all types of multimedia files including non-standard formats such as Flv, Mkv, and Avi. It decrypts videos in real time so you can watch it while being decrypted in the background. Other supported file types include PDF, texts, doc, PPT, xls, Numbers, and Pages.

KYMS offers a built-in picture editor with filter support, a video player, document viewer, and text editor. It also offers an integrated web browser so you can safely surf the net and download files in secret.

The app supports file import from different sources. You can directly transfer files from the camera roll to the vault. It also allows you to import files from the file manager, iTunes library, and device camera.

And lastly, the app offers multiple types of security protection including 4-digit PIN, alphanumeric passwords, and secure Touch ID. 

Kycal app does a great job of keeping everything in its place. Fast, functional. Can do just about anything from web browsing, locking down information, notes, wonderful identify protection tool. And on top of that it is a perfectly functional stylish kyms calculator to help you perform any arithmetic operations with a hint of security

Best Features of Secret Photos KYMS  image

Secret photos KYMS


Pros and Cons


  • Military-grade security
  • AES encryption technology
  • Automatic real-time decryption
  • Supports different file types
  • Supports emergency touch gestures
  • Built-in browser, picture editor, and text editor


  • Requires additional purchase to unlock extra features

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Secret Photos KYMS is a secure app that can protect all your sensitive documents and multimedia files. It offers cutting edge encryption technology and allows you to create hard-to-crack passcodes. This is a must-have app for those who need extra layers of security for their sensitive files. 

Secret photos KYMS

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