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Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort app review: a beautifully designed city management simulation game



Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort is the sequel to the immensely popular Virtual City. This version focuses more on building tourism paradise for vacationers. The app offers four exciting locations with 52 levels and 29 interesting missions. Just like the original franchise, the game challenges you to build successful cities while balancing your resources and making sure that the people are satisfied. Developed by G5 Entertainment, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort


Become a Successful City Manager with Virtual City 2

After several years of waiting, fans of Virtual City can now rejoice because G5 Entertainment finally rolled out a much awaited sequel. Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort retains the core concept of the original game. It remains a city building and management simulator but it is set in new environments with loads of new challenges and exciting missions.

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Paradise Resort is more tourist-oriented because you have to build self-sustaining vacation cities. As a city builder and manager, you have to focus on building impressive transportation and road networks to attract visitors. And to become a successful manager, you have to build vacation resorts including casinos, ski resorts, hotels, ice castles, clubs, restaurants, and many more.

For regular players of the original Virtual City, this new iteration would be very familiar to them. The developers kept intact the key controls and navigation to make the game as leisurely as possible.

New players, on the other hand, can experience a smooth learning curve with convenient in-app tutorials, in-game hints and tips, and relatively easy control features.

Overall, this game is a delight to play with. It starts off easy and slow while you are still establishing a presence in a sleepy town. But as your town grows into a city, the game becomes more hectic and challenging.

Best Features of Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort

Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort offers four new locations where you can build thriving vacation cities. It allows you to expand your empire to the exotic states of Florida, Nevada, Utah, and Alaska.

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The game offers 52 challenging levels spread over four different locations. Throughout the game, you will be challenged to accomplish certain missions that are tightly structured to ensure leisurely game play.

One of the best features of the app is the in-game tutorial and hints. It offers a walkthrough so you can understand how the game works. There are also hints and tips along the way to make sure that you can accomplish your missions on time.

And lastly, it offers a rich collection of new buildings, production lines, facilities, trading hubs, and transportation networks. You still need to balance your resources and ensure that people are happy by building new resorts for them.

Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort


Pros and Cons


  • Offers four new exciting locations.
  • With 52 challenging levels and 29 missions.
  • Offers 73 types of buildings, 42 transportation options, and production chains.
  • Allows you to unlock achievements.
  • With Facebook and Game Center integration.
  • Offers impressive graphics and sound effects.


  • A lot of features are locked and require in-app purchase.

Final Thoughts

Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort offers an exciting city building simulation game. It offers loads of new content with impressive graphics and sound effects. If you love simulation games, then this is a recommended app for you.


Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort

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