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Tipulator app review: tipping simplifier



How many napkins have you sacrificed scribbling to try to figure out the tip? How many headaches have you given yourself trying to figure out the appropriate tip in your head? How many times have you way over tipped because the effort to figure it out was just too much or under tipped leaving your server a bit angry? Relax, because the Tipulator app is here to make all those moments of great brain strain disappear. Simple, quick and accurate, the Tipulator takes the guesswork out and replaces it with the appropriate tip every time.

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Satisfying the Service Industry

No one wants to be considered cheap and no one wants to go broke with an outrageous tip. The Tipulator changes everything. It's such a simplistic app yet one that can make your life just that much easier. In a couple of steps, you can have the tip calculated to perfection, leaving with your head held high, knowing you tipped flawlessly. The process is simple. Download the Tipulator to your iOS 6 or later device, such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and up pops your salvation.

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Simply enter your total bill, select the correct percentage for the tip, and hit calculate. Ta-da! There before your very eyes the appropriate tip and total are revealed. You have now become one of the good tippers. Cab drivers, waitresses, bell hops, airline bag checkers all will hail you as one of the good ones.

Situational Tipping

Now that Tipulator has helped you to tip wisely, what happens when the situation calls for a certain tax percentage? No problem. Tipulator lets you calculate the bill with or without taxes easily. What about needing or wanting to round the tip? Tipulator has it covered. Let it know to round up or down and it is done. What about the dreaded group check?  Tipulator conquers it in the blink of an eye. Simply choose the amount of people to divide by and boom, it's done with accuracy and speed. 

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Tipulator can save friendships by eliminating squabbles over who paid more and who got away with another free meal. The Tipulator app takes sticky situations and with instant perfection, makes them disappear.



Pros and Cons


  • No more sacrificial napkins
  • No more arguments
  • No more over- or under-tipping
  • No more struggling with math you haven’t done since you were a kid
  • It is totally free
  • Quirky home page looks like a menu with a mint


  • Enter the tax amount rather than tax percentage
  • Doesn’t clear out the last check as manual clearing always necessary

Tip Master

Installing the Tipulator on your chosen device is really a no-brainer. Everyone likes to make uncomfortable situations disappear and proper tipping is one of those situations. Easy to use and dead-on accurate, the Tipulator makes you a master of all times when tipping is essential. Never again do you have to worry: not only will you ride, eat, dance, fly, and check-in with confidence, you will leave a plethora of smiling satisfied service workers in your wake.



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