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Peer app review: offering a professional video social networking platform



Peer offers a one-of-a-kind social networking platform for professionals. It allows you to connect with other professionals through live video. It personalizes the concept of phone-based networking and email marketing by allowing users to talk with each other through video chat. Developed by Video Vivo, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Peer - live video networking for professionals


Expand Your Professional Network with Peer Live Video

Social networking sites are great platforms for business networking. Unfortunately, these sites are quite unruly with millions of random users who are probably interested only in making personal connections. So if you are looking for a new kind of social network that connects you with fellow professionals, then you have to seriously consider downloading the Peer app for iOS.

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Peer takes social networking to a new level. It allows you to expand your business network by connecting with people through live video chat. It offers a more personalized networking approach by allowing you to talk directly with your prospects in a face to face online conversation.

The app is fully integrated with LinkedIn and can import your existing business connections. To get started, you have to log-in to the app using your LinkedIn credentials. You will then see your LinkedIn profile ported to the app. And the good thing is that the app allows you to expand your network by suggesting new connections.

This is a pretty straightforward app and you can use it immediately after signing in to your account. It offers a list of professionals in your area and a global list of people who belong to your industry.

To make a video connection, just visit the profile of your prospect and make a call request. The app will send the request and it is up to your prospect to accept the call.

Best Features of Peer

Peer offers a stable live video platform similar to the leading video chat applications in the market. The video interface is clear and allows two-way communications using your device’s front-facing camera. It offers simple controls including volume muting, call end button, and camera rotate.

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The app offers full integration with LinkedIn social network. It allows you to import all your LinkedIn connections and profile. It shows who among your LinkedIn connections are using Peer so you can contact them via live video.

Peer allows you to connect with other professionals near your location, and to connect with users who share your expertise. Most importantly, it offers suggestions based on your target industry or business sector.

And lastly, Peer allows you to join large groups of users. You can then connect with members of the group through video chat.

Peer - live video networking for professionals


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with simple workflow
  • Offers built-in video chat platform
  • Allows you to send video call requests to prospects
  • With built-in direct messaging tool
  • Allows you to connect with professionals nearby
  • Offers Linked-In integration


  • Needs to improve its spam protection feature

Final Thoughts

Peer is a professional-level social networking platform that uses live video technology. It allows you to connect with other professionals through video calls. If you want to expand your business network and connect with more prospects, then Peer is a good app for you.


Peer - live video networking for professionals

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