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Farm Story 2 app review: offering a classic farming game with new exciting features



Farm Story 2 offers exciting new features that significantly improve gameplay. This long-awaited sequel offers more depth as you build your farm into a bustling farmer’s paradise. The upgraded version allows you to create new recipes, collect pets, trade goods with your friends, and more. Developed by Storm8 Studios, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Farm Story 2™


Take Your Farming Skills to the Next Level with Farm Story 2

Farm Story 2 brings you back to your farm with a completely revamped game engine and outstanding graphics. It offers impressive 3D graphics and exciting new features that will keep you playing for days.

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This sequel retains the basic storyline of the original game: you can still plant colorful fruits and vegetables and develop your land to make it more profitable.

There are lots of new activities that you can do while waiting for your crops to grow. For example, you can roam around your farm to find butterflies. Just tap the butterflies to catch them and keep them as your pets. You can also go to the pond and catch fish.

Perhaps the most important upgrade to the game is that you can now invent new recipes by combining different vegetables and crops. You can prepare delicious meals that you can share with your friends.

And if you want to get new crops or items, simply open the trade page to look for friends who are willing to exchange goods with you. Trading is now an integral part of the game so you can get items you need at the moment without waiting.

Take Your Farming Skills to the Next Level with Farm Story 2 image

Best Features of Farm Story 2

Farm Story 2 offers a completely re-engineered game graphics that feature 3D animation. The farm world has been enhanced to give you a more colorful experience. The artwork is impressive and the addition of animation offers a nice touch to the interface.

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In this game, you can now own pets including a pony and a Siamese cat. You can collect as many pets as you like and you can trade them with your friends.

Trading is also a good addition to the game. It allows you to do micro transactions with your friends using the barter system. You can exchange crops, pets, items, and animals.

Farm Story 2 introduces a new character named Jed Fallows. Mr. Fallows offers solid advice on how to raise crops and how to keep your animals healthy. This character serves as an in-game tutor who gives insider tips and tricks.

And lastly, the app now offers mini games. You can play a mining game while waiting for your harvest or catch some fish in the exciting fishing game.

Best Features of Farm Story 2 image

Farm Story 2™


Pros and Cons


  • Offers revamped 3D graphics
  • Allows you to own pets
  • Allows you to trade with friends
  • Offers new gameplay including recipe making
  • Offers a new character named Jed Fallows
  • With fun mini-games


  • No negative review

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Farm Story 2 offers new and exciting features to make your farming game more enriching. There are now new options available for you to upgrade your farm including the useful trade system. If you are a fan of farming game apps, then this is a must-have app for you.

Farm Story 2™

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