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Calcbot app review: easy to use smart calculator with unit converter



Calcbot offers advanced smart features that allow you to calculate complex expressions in a flash. It offers a unique history tape where previous calculations are stored. It can also function as a scientific calculator and a conversion tool. Developed by Tapbots, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It also supports the new Apple Watch so you can perform quick calculations without taking out your primary device.

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Calcbot 2


A Simple Calculator with Advanced Features

If you are not satisfied with the standard features of the native Apple calculator app, then Calcbot is one of the better options available for you. This app has been completely revamped so you can have a beautifully designed calculator packed with advanced features.

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Calcbot is a universal app and it works perfectly on any iOS devices. It supports sync function so you can access your saved values, expressions, and calculations across different devices.

To get started, just install the app and open it from the application list. It opens the standard calculator by default and you can use it immediately for basic arithmetic problems. One notable feature of this app is the addition of a favorite key in lieu of the usual memory function. So if you want to save something, just tap the favorite key and it will be stored in the app.

Calcbot gets smarter the longer you use it. That is because it uses a history tape that is quickly accessible from the man interface. The tape shows previous calculations as well as stored values and expressions. It allows you to use previous expressions for faster calculations. You can also use it to cross-check typed values to avoid typographical errors.

Turn your device into landscape mode to open the scientific calculator. The app supports all key scientific functions including basic statistics, trigonometry, and atomic mass.

Best Features of Calcbot

Calcbot offers both standard and scientific calculators. You can use this app to compute daily budgets, gas mileage, and other common calculations. It can also perform more advanced calculations thanks to its built-in scientific functions.

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The app offers a unique history tape where you can access previous calculations. It allows you to save expressions and constant values in the history tape so you can use them for future calculations.

Calcbot offers a new feature called favorite button. This button replaces the memory function of standard calculators. It allows you to save complete expressions so you can use them later.

One of the best features of the app is the built-in unit converter. It offers more than 500 unit converters across 22 different categories. It supports key conversions including currency, temperature, size, length, area, and more.

Calcbot 2


Pros and Cons


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Beautifully designed
  • History tape.
  • With favorite button key for saving calculations
  • Supports standard and scientific functions
  • Offers more than 500 conversion units
  • With customizable screen settings
  • Allows you to send calculations via email


  • Requires in-app purchase to unlock more features

Final Thoughts

Calcbot is a simple calculator but it offers solid features that allow you to perform more complex calculations. It offers built-in unit converter with constantly updated currency conversion. This is a recommended calculator for student and professional use.


Calcbot 2

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