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The Occupant app review: offering a horrific game of survival



The Occupant is a horror survival game that uses first-person perspective. The game takes you to an abandoned building where you have to complete tasks in order to avoid the creepy Occupant. If you think that’s easy, then you are mistaken. The game offers 20 challenging levels and you have to finish each level within 10 minutes. Developed by David Turkiewicz, this game is compatible with the latest models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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The Occupant


Bringing Horror-Survival to a New Level

The Occupant offers a simple storyline: you find yourself in an abandoned building haunted by an eerie monster called The Occupant. This monster lurks in the shadows and hunts you. Your aim is to avoid the Occupant by doing tasks. You have to reach the elevator within 10 minutes in order to survive.

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This is a good storyline but it lacks enough depth to explain the reasons why you’re in the building in the first place. The thin storyline, however, does not affect the excitement of the actual game.

The game starts in a dark building floor strewn with discarded books, broken chairs, upturned tables, and other garbage. It renders the scene in first-person camera view. The gaming environment is eerie with well-placed background sound effects such as creaking windows or scary footsteps.

The Occupant offers FPS-like touch controls. It allows you to use an on-screen joystick to move about. You can pick up object on the floor by tapping them. It also allows you to throw objects by swiping the screen.

Each level has a time limit of 10 minutes. Your flashlight flickers and becomes dimmer at the one-minute mark. This is where the real action begins. The Occupant becomes more aggressive and you have to throw objects at him so you can survive the level.

Best Features of The Occupant

The Occupant offers impressive graphics with 3D rendering. The display mimics the viewfinder of a blurry camera. The artwork is well-designed and evokes fear. More importantly, the game uses excellent sound effects to enhance the scare factor.

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This game offers 20 challenging levels. The first few levels involve simple tasks such as picking up books or chairs. As you advanced through the game, the levels become more difficult. The monster Occupant also becomes more aggressive so you have to delay his advance by throwing objects at him.

The game offers on-screen joystick. You can use it to move your character throughout the room. It also supports touch controls including tap, swipe, and drag and drop.

And lastly, the game offers surreal first person perspective. It uses real physics to depict movements especially when you are throwing objects.

The Occupant


Pros and Cons


  • Impressive 3D graphics
  • Excellent use of ambient sound effects
  • Offers first person perspective
  • Offers 20 challenging levels
  • Allows you to pick up and carry objects
  • With on-screen game controls
  • Supports touch gestures


  • Thin storyline
  • Gameplay becomes repetitive

Final Thoughts

The Occupant is a well-designed horror survival game that uses elements of first-person gaming. It offers excellent 3D environment, realistic graphics, and surreal sound effects. Gameplay is simple but it offers 20 challenging levels. If you want a realistic horror survival game, then this is a good app for you.


The Occupant

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