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Tools for Tinder app review: offering a free liker for Tinder



Tools for Tinder is an auto liking app for Tinder. It allows you to like thousands of available profiles in your selected location with just a click of a button. It offers several advanced features including custom location settings, built-in search, multiple profile display, automated mode, and many more. Developed by iCM Development, this app is compatible with iPhone and iPad. It's also featured in our list of the Best iPhone apps for Tinder

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Tools for Tinder - Free Liker for Tinder


Improving Your Tinder Experience with Tools for Tinder

Tools for Tinder claims to be the original unofficial companion app for Tinder. It is basically an auto liking tool that makes your Tinder experience more convenient and productive. It offers a hands-free approach to making good connections on the dating site. So, instead of browsing thousands of profiles one by one, you can simply use this app to auto like all profiles.

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The app is available on the App Store as a free download with several in-app purchase options. You can use this app for free but with very limited options. If you want to use its key features, then you can buy them directly from the app.

With that said, Tools for Tinder is an excellent app that boosts your chances of getting meaningful matches. You can login using your Tinder profile in order to open the home screen.

One notable feature of this app is the multiple profile view in grid format. It allows you to view as many as nine profiles on screen and you can scroll down to see more profiles. You can even customize the sizes of the photo thumbnails to fit more profiles in one screen.

If you are not picky, you can allow the app to like all profiles available in your location. Just tap like all and you’re done. You can even enable auto-liking to enjoy hands-free Tinder engagement.

Improving Your Tinder Experience with Tools for Tinder image

Best Features of Tools for Tinder

Tools for Tinder offers one-tap Like All function. It allows you to like thousands of profiles within seconds. It is a convenient tool to fast track your Tinder matches.

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This app allows you to set custom locations. You can allow the app to load the profiles of users from the cities of your choice. You can then like them all or select just a few by tapping the heart icon.

One of the best features of this app is the automated liker. You can keep your device in your pocket and let the app do the work for you. By enabling auto-like, all profiles that pop-up in your location will be marked as your favorite.

And lastly, the app offers built-in search engine. It allows you to search people by keywords, names, interests, and social media accounts.

Best Features of Tools for Tinder image

Tools for Tinder - Free Liker for Tinder


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Offers multiple profile view
  • Allows you to like thousands of profile with one tap
  • With automated liker
  • Allows you to set your location using GPS
  • With built-in search function
  • Allows you to view history, likes, and favorites


  • GPS quickly drains device battery
  • Almost all key features require in-app purchase

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Tools for Tinder app makes your Tinder experience easier and more convenient. It fully automates your engagement on Tinder so you can boost your chances of making meaningful matches.

Tools for Tinder - Free Liker for Tinder

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