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Cars: Fast as Lightning app review - high octane hijinks



You've seen the movies and now it's time to fasten your seat belts and prepare for some high octane Cars in this fast and furiously fun game for iPhone and iPad, brought to you by the world-class developers over at Gameloft.

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Cars: Fast as Lightning is an insanely fun racing game which features some surprisingly impressive graphics and a whole host of upgrades and other goodies that can be obtained via in-app purchase. Some of the purchases appear to be a little overpriced but this is an otherwise excellent game aside from this.

Cars: Fast as Lightning



What we have here is an iPhone and iPad app based on the Cars movie series made by Disney Pixar. Cars: Fast as Lightning is an officially licensed game with all of the original voice actors like Owen Wilson thrown in for good measure.

There are 20 different cars for you to choose from in this game, and with tons of different upgrades available you should be to enjoy plenty of variety that will almost definitely keep you coming back for more.

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Choose Your Car and Add Track Pieces

You can race as the Tuner Cars, Spy Cars, International Races, and more, and during the races you will be able to use various bonuses such as nitro boosts in order to get the upper hand on your competition.

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One of the more defining characteristics of Cars: Fast as Lightning is that you can add your own track pieces which then allow you to pull off crazy stunts, sending you waltzing through the air in true Lightning McQueen fashion!

Cars: Fast as Lightning


Pros and Cons


  • Officially licensed game based on the Disney Pixar Cars movie series
  • Race with 20 different characters from the Cars movies
  • Enjoy stunning 3-D graphics
  • Customize your cars with all kinds of cosmetic upgrades
  • Build your own Radiator Springs with more than 30 interactive buildings
  • Throw in your own track pieces and perform dazzling stunts
  • Features high-quality voice-overs from the likes of Owen Wilson and others


  • There have been a few complaints from users regarding minor bugs but the developer appears to be on top of this with improvements being made on an ongoing basis.
  • Some of the in-app purchases are a little on the expensive side but they are purely optional and this does not appear to be a Pay-to-Win title.

Final Words

I love to see games like this that allow loads of customization, so regardless of your age, if you're a fan of the Cars movie series then be sure to check out Cars: Fast as Lightning on your iPhone or iPad for some seriously addictive racing action. 


Cars: Fast as Lightning

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