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Paper - stories from Facebook app review: offering a new kind of experience for Facebook users



Paper is Facebook’s latest venture into the world of rich-media content delivery. It allows you to use the social networking site in a whole new way with a rich collection of shared content both from your friends and from around the world. It offers stunning user interface in full screen with high quality photo and mobile-friendly typography. Paper - stories from Facebook app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Paper – stories from Facebook


Your Personal Mobile Content Reader

When Paper was launched by Facebook, the social networking giant seems to be shedding its own familiar branding and single-focus obsession with the News Feed. That’s because the app offers a totally new look and design. It is more like a glamorized Flipboard with elements of mobile news sites.

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Of course, Paper still retains the core elements of Facebook including your News Feed, Profile, and the ability to like, comment, and share. But it goes beyond typical social networking because you can now add more content feeds such as Headlines, Tech news, Pop Life, and many more.

When you open Paper, you will be taken directly to your Facebook News Feed or home page. This is the default view and you can add more content later. The app sheds off Facebook’s endless scrolling interface. Instead, you can now swipe the screen sideways to see your friends’ updates including photos, posts, notes, links, and videos.

You can then swipe down the screen to add more sections to your Facebook Paper. There are dozens of available content categories for you including headline news from major wire services, cute content, tech news, pop culture, and dozens more.

All you need to do is to tap a section to add it to your personalized paper. Each section contains an endless stream of relevant content with high user engagement.

Best Features of Paper Stories from Facebook

Paper - stories from Facebook has a stunning visual interface with bold photos and excellent typography. It offers full-screen view for distraction-free browsing. It supports natural gestures that allow you to view content with one hand.

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This app has the familiar Facebook features including the News Feed and core user engagement. It allows you to post and like status, make a comment, or share content.

Adding more content sections is one of the best features of Paper. Paper - stories from Facebook app allows you to customize the way you view content on Facebook. There are 20 different sections such as headlines, pop culture, cute content, tech, and many more.

And lastly, the app allows you to customize your posts. It allows you to preview your stories or updates before you share them with your friends.

Paper – stories from Facebook


Pros and Cons


  • Offers stunning visual interface
  • Supports natural gestures
  • Allows you to tilt the device to browse photos
  • Allows you to add more section stories from around the world
  • Offers familiar features of Facebook including likes, shares, and comments
  • Offers full screen view
  • Auto-plays videos


  • Needs to add more localized content categories

Final Thoughts

Paper is Facebook’s version of content aggregation. It allows you to personalize the content that you want to see on the social networking site. The best part is that it delivers content in a highly visual and distraction-free interface.


Paper – stories from Facebook

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