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for Meetings app review: keep track of all your meeting notes and agendas



for Meetings by Imperative Software Pty Ltd is a comprehensive meeting app designed to meet the demands of businesses no matter how big or small. All successful businesses understand the importance of an organized meeting structure. With for Meetings you can easily keep track of all your meeting agendas, attendees, and decision making processes. There are certainly similar types of programs available for the PC but nothing beats the portability of an app, and this one is just as powerful as the best PC software. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPad.

The best iPhone apps for meetings-2021

for Meetings - Manage meeting notes, agendas and minutes


Organize your Meeting Structure

Meetings can be a little overwhelming if you’re not prepared, but like so many other things, the App Store is a great place to look for solutions. There are all kinds of meeting apps to choose from but most of these do not have the professional appeal of for Meetings. This is an app for serious business organizations that are looking for tools that can help them get a leg up. A well-organized meeting begins with a comprehensive agenda and ends with a complete set of notes detailing the process.

The best iPad apps for meetings

When you run this app for the first time it can be a little overwhelming – there are a lot of tools to learn how to use and unfortunately, the developers haven’t provided a comprehensive overview to get you started. There is a tips option which you can turn on or off that will give you helpful hints as you go, but the app would have been better served with something a little more detailed. The other minor issue with this app is that there are a limited number of meetings available in the free version. This app will require 7.6 MB of available space on your iOS device.

The Essentials

For the business person that is well versed with meeting structures for Meetings will have a lot of tools with a familiar feel to them – you can easily add agenda items, designate attendees, add notes from the meeting, and create action items that come out of the meeting. The app is divided into three basic sections: a search section in the top left corner, an easy access calendar, and of course the main window on the right which is where you create and modify your meetings.

The best iPhone apps for meetings-2021

To create a new meeting, you simply tap on the add icon in the bottom right corner – this will bring up a window where you can create a name for your meeting, designate the date, name the venue, and create an attendees lists from your contacts list. There’s even a place where you can make note of any absentees. A meeting is only as good as the notes you keep. for Meetings makes adding notes easy – you simply tap on the add line option and start typing. Once you figure everything out, the app begins to make a lot of intuitive sense. It will become an invaluable tool. 

for Meetings - Manage meeting notes, agendas and minutes


Pros and Cons


  • Contains easy to use tools for creating everything you need for comprehensive meeting notes
  • App is divided into three basic sections in an intuitive structure
  • Easy to add notes
  • Integrates with your contacts list to create meeting attendees


  • No comprehensive instructions
  • Only compatible with the iPad
  • Number of available meetings is limited in the free version

Final Words

The for Meetings app is a comprehensive meetings tool that is ideal for business of all sizes. It allows you to easily create a meeting agenda, designate attendees, and develop a comprehensive set of meeting notes. If you want to make sure your business meetings are well organized and successful this app is a must have. 


for Meetings - Manage meeting notes, agendas and minutes

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