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Los Aliens app review: a fun space aged puzzle game



Los Aliens by Shadow Masters Limited is a fun and addictive puzzle game. This has elements of the popular 1980s puzzle game Tetris, as well as some new elements that have been made popular with puzzle games in the last few years.  It has some cute graphics, a cool space theme, and some funky space-age music. With 170 different levels to clear, this game will provide you hours of fun. Be careful though, it's easy to lose track of time while you play. This is a free app and it's compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Los Aliens


Explore New Puzzle Worlds

There are literally hundreds of puzzle games in the App Store. Some of them are quite familiar to us, and others are pretty obscure. You might happen upon them while you're looking around the App Store. Every once in a while you're bound to come across one game that stands out for you. Los Aliens is probably one of those games. You might not have heard of this game before, but once you come across it, it will be one that you definitely remember. Part of the appeal of this game is its space themed backdrop, but it's also got some pretty decent gameplay.

As addictive as this game may be, there are a couple of quirks that detract from its overall appeal. It does include ads, and these can be quite annoying because they transfer you to the App Store to try and force you into downloading a sponsored app. When this happens, it has a tendency to freeze the game. There are also in app purchases, but these are just simply shortcuts to get you through the levels quicker – you don't have to buy them to complete the game. One really good aspect of this game is that the first couple of levels are actually walk-throughs of how you play the game. You might call them sample levels. This app will require 98.6MB of available space on your iOS device.

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How to Play

As is the case with many puzzle games, the objective of this game is to complete entire rows of puzzle pieces. When you complete a row it disappears from the board, and when you complete enough rows you complete the level. The character you control is a little alien that you move around the board, and he must always move in an L-shape to fill in spots on the board. The first few levels are quite easy, but each level gets progressively harder. Eventually, it becomes very difficult to complete each level.

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This game isn't all that different from any of the other puzzle games you've played, but what makes a puzzle game interesting is the slightly different twists and turns it includes to keep your interest. With the spaceship theme, and the alien characters you control, this game is just different enough to make it a whole lot of fun. As you progress through the levels there will be more and more aliens that you come into contact with, after a while it can get quite interesting.

Los Aliens


Pros and Cons


  • Cool space theme
  • Great set of instructions
  • 170 different levels
  • Fun puzzle play


  • Includes sponsored app links that can freeze the game
  • Includes in app purchases

Final Words

Los Aliens is a fun and addictive puzzle game. With the space-age theme, and some great quirky little characters this one's a whole lot of fun. If you love puzzle games you'll love this app. You should definitely download this one and give it a try.


Los Aliens

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