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eTender app review: making the job of a restauranteur easier 2021



We've come across an app that has a very specific and rather unique purpose, and it's these reasons that make it stand out. The eTender app has been created for your iPad and is meant to be used by restaurant owners who are searching for a way to make their reservation system more streamlined, organized, and fluid.

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This iPhone business app welcomes a restaurateur to the digital age in a big way by offering tools and features that only an app can make possible.

By using this business app, you'll be able to manage all the table reservations coming into your restaurant, and if you happen to have a lot of them then this app becomes even more important. As a restaurant owner, you understand better than anyone how important good service is.

A happy customer is one that will come back and tell others about their experience. An unhappy customer will never return and seemingly tell the world about their negative experience.

Messing up table reservations is not something you want to deal with, which is why a reliable and user-friendly system such as eTender is so important to your business.

Keep reading our eTender app review to see if this is one of the best iPhone apps for business.

Introduction image

eTender - The reservation book for your restaurant


Why eTender was Developed

So you may be asking yourself why the need for this app? After all, there are reservation management systems that exist already and perhaps you use them.

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What eTender attempts to do is offer something unique and ensure that all your needs and requests are met. eTender, which has been developed by eTender BV, was founded back in 2006.

It took two years from that point to then complete an app that was meant to be used for one particular restaurant that was located in Amsterdam. Since then, it has really caught on and flourished as restaurant owners realize the potential it offers.

"We believe that you do not want to use a reservation management system that is owned by a commercial booking site," states the developer. "By meeting only your wishes and needs, we are improving the quality of our services for your business and that makes a difference."

Another big aspect is that developers were able to create this offering and make it commission free. The system works in real-time and is available 24/7, which means that it's always convenient for guests to book a reservation. As developers explain, the app allows you to "stay in control and create your own booking network".

Why eTender was Developed image

How eTender Can Work for You

Of course the question on your mind is probably “how can it work for me”? Everyone always wants to know what’s in it for them, and where the advantages are for them. It’s only natural. While this app could be used by any size restaurant, it seems like it would be ideal for small and medium sized restaurants.

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It gives these restaurants a way to stay with the times when it comes to the digital technology, offers guests a feature that many other restaurants in their category may not offer, and it saves the restaurant from having to pay a commission on these reservations.

It’s the kind of tool that can actually generate more buzz and interest in your restaurant because you are simplifying the dining experience for your customers.

There are so many highlights and features here, all of which make this a great option. First off there's the fact that your reservations can be managed from any place.

You can be at the front greeting customers, in the back office working on the books, or even at home and still be in full control of your reservations. You don’t even have to be online in order to access the app.

The app uses a well thought out drag and drop function in order to plan where the reservations will be seated. Create a table plan and then use that plan moving forward. It's more than just reservations, you can use this for your walk-in customers and call-in’s as you drag and drop them into the seating plan.

There is also a social aspect of this app, which in today's business world is an absolute necessity. Through the app you'll be able to share to Facebook what your availability is. The same goes for your restaurant website. It’s all about making reservations easy for your customers, and organized on your end.

You've got the option of managing your tables manually or automatically. You may want to play around with both. Speaking of playing around, you can also use the app for free and explore the options and if you like it, then you can sign up for the Premium package. The Premium package is meant for professional use.

The user interface is incredibly modern and professional as well. You’ll feel as though you’re getting the most impressive booking software out there, allowing you to take your reservation system to the next level.

How eTender Can Work for You image

eTender - The reservation book for your restaurant


Pros and Cons


  • The app is user-friendly, modern, and professional
  • The app can be used with any size restaurant
  • Drag and drop reservations into your table plan
  • Access the reservations anytime you like
  • Reservations can be made 24/7 and take place in real-time
  • There is a social aspect to the app allowing you to share availability on your website and Facebook
  • You can try the app out for free before purchasing the full version


  • The app seems better suited to small and medium sized restaurants
  • It would be nice to see more management tools added giving owners even more value
  • There had been some minor bugs and issues which seem to have been fixed now

Pros and Cons image

No Reservations Here

The eTender app for your iPad truly excels in offering restaurant owners a modern and professional way to take reservations and manage them. Because this app works in real-time, it makes bookings a breeze both for your customer and for you.

The fact that you don’t have to worry about paying a commission is just icing on the cake where this tool is concerned. 

eTender - The reservation book for your restaurant

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