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ForceFeed app review: a unique way to find the perfect restaurant



When it comes to finding the perfect place to dine, when eating outside the home, I always run into a little bit of difficulty. That might have something to do with the fact that I live in one of the world’s premier tourist destinations and there's a lot of places to choose from. It probably doesn’t really matter where you live though, as it’s a common problem that most people run into at some point – it’s sometimes just so hard to make a decision. The developers of ForceFeed recognized that we’re all a little indecisive by nature and decided to create an app that can help us pick the perfect restaurant based on our own food choices. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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ForceFeed | The Smart Restaurant Curator


The Force Behind ForceFeed

ForceFeed is an app developed by a company of the same name based out of Chicago, Illinois. They’re a relatively new start-up app development company having only begun operations in 2014. In fact, as far as I can tell this is their only app at the moment – by focusing on this one app though they been able to create a refined product that’s quite useful to the end user.

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The company’s founders are COO Shane Zemel and CEO Patrick Long who has had a rather interesting journey on his way to becoming an app developer. He’s been involved in sales and advertising campaigns and has worked for some well-known companies such as Tesla and Apple. While his background with Apple was not as a developer per se, it allowed him to develop a strong understanding of how Apple works and what products work best in the Apple environment.

When he decided to branch out on his own and try his hand at app development, he joined forces with Zemel and they hit upon the idea that many of us desperately need a little help in finding the perfect restaurant. The duo decided to create an app that could make our lives a little easier by making the choice for us based on our own personal preferences. It’s a concept with a lot of potential and one that I think most people will be very excited about.

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Find the Perfect Restaurant

Restaurant finder apps are nothing new in the App Store. If you do a quick search you’ll see that there are literally dozens of them, but they’re all fairly standard – they use information from apps like Foursquare, Google, and other social networks to provide you with a list of restaurants choose from. They still leave the decision up to you. What makes ForceFeed different is that it takes the decision out of your hands and actually provides you with a specific restaurant for you to try. It’s a very unique concept and it’s perfect for the procrastinator in all of us.

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This app has a very basic user interface, but it’s also very easy on the eyes. It’s red and white color scheme is simple and not overstated. There are no ads, or in-app purchases and you don’t have to worry about constant requests to rate the app. This app will require 6.6 MB of available space on your IOS device.

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ForceFeed | The Smart Restaurant Curator


Feeding on This App

When you run the app for the first time, you’ll have to enable location services so that the app can find the best restaurants near you. Once you’ve done that you can set up a profile which allows you to save your restaurant information for future use, or you can skip this step and simply use the app without signing up – the disadvantage of this is that you will have to enter your information again the next time you use it.

Once you’re signed up the next step is to choose the category of restaurants that you’re interested in. The app will then present you with a list of available restaurants in each category and you can decide which ones you want saved in your favorites list that will then be used by the app to choose a restaurant for you. The list of available food categories is extensive so chances are your favorite food style will be included in the list.

There is one other step you have to go through before you can get started with allowing the app to choose a restaurant for you. After you’ve selected your categories you’ll be presented a list of all available restaurants in those categories within a 5 to 10 mile radius of you. You can either like the restaurant, or click on the X next to its name to take it off your list. Once you’ve gone through each restaurant on the list and decided which ones to keep you can then begin using the app as your restaurant decision-maker.

To begin the process of letting the app choose a restaurant for you all you have to do is simply tap on the top pick icon and then tap and hold on the selection icon and the app will select a restaurant for you. The idea is that it forces you to make a decision about where to eat. You can’t simply keep tapping the selection icon as the app will lock in its suggestion for 30 minutes – that means you either head out to that restaurant or wait another 30 minutes to eat. I guess it depends how hungry you are!

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Pros and Cons


  • Includes simple basic user interface
  • Makes your restaurant decision for you
  • The app includes restaurants in all major food categories
  • Uses location services to find restaurants near you
  • Let’s you choose the categories of food you like
  • Locks in their suggestion for 30 minutes forcing you to decide or wait


  • Uses other apps as information sources

ForceFeed This App to Your iDevice

ForceFeed is a unique app that’s perfect for the procrastinator in all of us. Sometimes, it’s difficult deciding on the right restaurant and this app actually forces you to make a decision. If you’re like me and have difficulty making the final decision about where to eat for a night out with your significant other then this app is definitely for you.

ForceFeed | The Smart Restaurant Curator

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