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Grand Gin Rummy app review: play the classic game of Gin Rummy online or offline 2021



Card games have been an important part of American culture since the revolutionary days and our passion for all types of card games probably reached its peak during the roaring 20’s, but we still love a good game of cards.

The best Rummy apps for the iPhone-2021

These days there are hundreds of different options in the card app category that cater to our love of card games and all of that choice is a great thing – although it doesn’t make it easy to find the true gems. With a little bit of patience you’re bound to find a great version of your favorite card game in app form though.

If you’re a fan of the classic 1920’s favorite Gin Rummy, then you will most likely enjoy a good Gin Rummy app like this one. This game combines all of the best features of the classic game and you can play it online against opponents or offline by yourself.

You don’t have to pay anything to play the game, although you can purchase extra chips through in-app purchase if you like. The app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Let's dig deeper in our Grand Gin Rummy app review to see if you think it's the best gin rummy app that you have ever used. 

Grand Gin Rummy


Play Gin Rummy with others online or by yourself offline

Animated Introduction and an Avatar Selection

This app has one of the most fun and interesting app introductions I’ve ever come across. The developers have created a bellhop character from the 1920s that takes you on a tour of the game and will actually sit down and play a practice hand with you and explain all the possibilities to you one-by-one.

The best card games for iPhone-2021

It not only explains how the game works to you, it does it in a way that sparks your interest in the app from the beginning. It’s a practice that a lot of app developers might want to consider copying.

In an effort to help you personalize your use of this Gin Rummy app, you can actually choose from a selection of avatars that will represent you when you play the live online games.

There isn’t a huge selection, but there’s enough of one that you should be able to find one that represents your own personality. It’s just another little detail that adds to the fun factor of the app.

Retro 1920s Theme and Game Modes

As we’ve already mentioned briefly, this app has a real retro 1920’s feel. When you run the app you’re taken on a virtual tour of a 1920’s hotel. 

Best iphone and ipad apps

Starting with a view of the outside illuminated by flashing strobe lights and followed up by a visit to the lobby with its 1920’s decor including high-back chairs and elaborate staircases with beautifully engraved railings.

To top it all off, the background music is inspired by the popularity of jazz in the 1920’s and it really does make you feel like you’re stepping back in time.

There are four different game modes to choose from: practice, quick, classic, and Oklahoma. The practice mode is probably the best place to start as it allows you to play against the computer opponent and brush up your skills before you venture out and face real opposition in one of the other game types.

In the quick mode you play one single round against a live opponent and the player that scores the highest wins the game.

It’s a great option if you only have a little bit of spare time to kill. If you have a little more time to play the game you may want to consider the classic game which is played up to 100 points, or the Oklahoma game which is played up to 200 points. Both of these games are played against live opponents as well.

Grand Gin Rummy


Earn Your Star

As you play the game and win consistently your ranking improves and you can earn more stars. The developers are working on new features that will include the options of sharing your rankings on Facebook and the chance to directly challeng your Facebook friends to a game of gin rummy.

For those of you who have friends and family members that also enjoy the classic card game of gin rummy, it will be a lot of fun to battle them for the overall bragging rights. We are certainly looking forward to these new features that are currently in the works. 

Add a Friend via Facebook

The other great advantage of logging in using your Facebook account is that you can quickly invite friends and family members to play the game along with you from within the app. This feature has the potential to turn your gameplay into a real social event and gives you a fun way of connecting with people you know.

Great Help Section

The great animated introduction isn’t the only option you have if you want to learn any aspect of gameplay. You can also access an excellent help section by tapping on the settings tab in the top right-hand corner – this will pull up a menu which includes other options such as access to your profile, friends, the online shop for chips, as well as the help section.

The help section covers pretty much everything you can think of including the basic rules of the game, an explanation of the different game modes, your ranking against other members, and a clarification of how you’re billed if you choose to purchase coins.

Loading Wistia Video

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent animated introduction
  • Choose your own avatar
  • Fun retro 1920s theme
  • A clear ranking system
  • Four different game modes
  • Add your friends and family from Facebook
  • Great help section


  • The game does include in-app purchases

Become a Gin Rummy Expert

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been playing the game of gin rummy for years or if it’s just a game that you’ve always wanted to learn – this app is perfect for anyone that’s interested in the game. Grand Gin Rummy takes you back to a bygone era when fun times and fast living were the norm.

The gameplay is excellent and the fact that you can play both online and offline makes it a great game to play no matter where you are. This is quite possibly the best Gin Rummy game on the iOS platform.

Grand Gin Rummy

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