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I Can Be Free app review 2021



I Can Be Free by Human Progress is a stress management app for iPhone that's designed to help you relax, distress, and let the worries of the world fall away from you.

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This stress awareness app for iPhone includes a free introductory relaxation session, with an additional two sessions available for free download.

Once you have completed this session, you can move on to the selection of high-quality audio files that will soothe your ears with relaxing music.

After reading our I can be free app review, let us know if you think it's one of the leading iPhone apps for stress relief and stress management. 

HelloMind - Hypnosis & Therapy


More Details

I Can Be Free features a soothing male voice that will provide you with statements of affirmation to guide you through the relaxation process.

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With this app, you can choose from the preset music included or simply listen to the voice speak with silence in the background.

I like the selection of programs that are available from Human Progress. Their “I Can Be Anything” catalog is certainly quite impressive.

The audio quality is superb, and the relaxation session itself is highly effective if you enter into it with an open mind.

HelloMind - Hypnosis & Therapy


HelloMind - Hypnosis & Therapy

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