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Extreme Agenda app review


Extreme Agenda

Price: $9.99

Extreme Agenda by Birdsoft LLC is an amazing personal organizer app for your iOS device.

The app gives you notes, task, calendar, contact views, and quick list functions; it’s one of the best apps available for a person with a lot going on. It’s both powerful and easy to use.

When you have Extreme Agenda, you get your tasks integrated with your calendar; the ability to move and copy events; next-month preview option when you’re in month view; and advanced repeating event options. You can also choose military time, ISO week, and when your week starts.

The app uses icons and time bars so you can tell quickly if you have something going on.

You can sync with this app like you would the default calendar. You can also pull anniversaries and birthdays along with pictures from your contacts. You can put event text directly onto your calendar.

You get event templates, the ability to email events, and more.

The other functions are also powerful: you have the ability to sort your contacts by company, name, or category; you can filter by alpha, categories, or favorite; and you can view by coverflow or photo list. You also get to use the app’s Smart Categories function.

The Tasks section of the app lets you sync with ToodleDo; allows you to enter repeating tasks, templates, and task alarms; and lets you put tasks on your calendar. You also gain access to a full to-do/task list with many sorting options.

There are many more features you get with this app. You can choose between tabbed or classic interface, it offers Retina and iPhone 5 display support, and you get to choose your color theme and backgrounds. The app also supports Dropbox, TextExpander, and BUMP.

Extreme Agenda was updated to Version 3.33 on February 16, 2013. The update fixed a bug. Developers are promising a huge update coming soon. The current version has eight customer ratings with an average of four out of five stars. This app is available in seven languages.

I use this app a lot. I particularly use the quick lists function the most. I like how easy it is to create shopping lists and other checklists, usually daily tasks.

For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad with iOS 4.3 or later

Extreme Agenda


Extreme Agenda


Extreme Agenda

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