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QuickPlan for iPad app review 2021



QuickPlan by Hao Li is an app for project management that you can use to help you with the process of planning.

This iPad project management app is meant to help you with project management and planning but letting your visualize it and better organize yourself. Gesture controls are used to help you quickly and easily create your plan and then share it.

Features of the QuickPlan project manager app include being able to create a plan with a timeline that can be used for proposals, presentations, discussions, and sharing. The app allows you to export your plan to Microsoft Project to help you with a detailed schedule.

Keep reading our QuickPlan for iPad app review for more details and to see if it's one of the best project management apps for your needs. 

QuickPlan, Project Gantt Chart


More Information

Use this iOS project management app to track your small project, plan and record ideas, to help you with your business strategic plan, to help you plan action decisions, to update and create a plan with others by sharing, and to summarize a plan.

If there's something you need help with you can create the plan and then send an invite to your coworkers, boss, friends, or family, to share the plan and who is responsible for what.

You'll be able to create a task outline, task time, task sequence, plant start time, task updated, task creation, and then individual operations. When it comes to sharing your plan you can do so by email, your photo album, and store it to iTunes.

This is a great way to not only create and manage a plan but to promote communication between members who are involved with the project, task, or plan.

QuickPlan, Project Gantt Chart


QuickPlan, Project Gantt Chart

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