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Cassandra’s 11 app review: this solitaire card game will have you seeing elevens



Cassandra’s 11 by Plexonic is a fun solitaire card game app that is based on the card game Elevens. If you’re looking for a fun new solitaire iPhone card game to test your brain and kill some time, this is definitely it.

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Cassandra's 11


What It's All About

In the real card game, you lay down your cards in a grid, face-up, and take away the card groups that add up to 11. You continue on until you can’t take away any more. In the mobile game, you’ll tap the cards that add up to 11 and watch them disappear.

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This isn’t an ordinary solitaire game, though! There are power-ups, fortunes to earn, and five decks with several groups of levels to play. There’s in-app currency to unlock, treasure chests, and amazing combinations, obstacles, and more.

When you first launch the app you’ll meet Cassandra, the psychic. She’ll ask you to connect to your Facebook account but you don’t have to. She tells you that she’ll see you in 11 rounds if you’re successful, and then you move on to your first puzzle.

What It

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The puzzle is laid out with one treasure chest that you must unlock. Tap two cards that add up to 11 (eight and three, 10 and Ace, six and five, or pair up a King to a King, Queen to a Queen, or Jack to a Jack). To unlock the chests, choose the pairs that add up to 11 that are closest to the chest. Tap three cards that add up to 11 to create a flame card that will clear its whole row when you match it up.

If you unlock the chest within the proper number of moves, you move on. There are also stars to earn, but I'm not sure what makes you earn more stars within each round. You have to earn at least one star to win the level.

Each round that you are successful will win you coins. Keep in mind that the more cards you get rid of before unlocking the chests, the more coins you will earn. Make sure, though, to do this in fewer than the maximum moves allowed!

As you progress you’ll also run into obstacles like crystallized cards. Make your matches adjacent to the obstacle cards to break them.

If you succeed in making it to the round where you meet Cassandra, you’ll get the opportunity to get your fortune told. After the first round, I could choose a General reading for 2,000 coins, a Career reading for 3,000 coins, or a Family reading for 4,000 coins. I could also buy a Love reading for $0.99. I chose the Family reading. I was told, “Try not to pursuit happiness; you may not get it that way. It is generally the by-product of other activities.”

Aside from the misused word, it seems like pretty solid advice. 

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Cassandra's 11


Pros and Cons


  • Fun and interesting solitaire game with a twist
  • Earn predictions when you meet with Cassandra


  • No cons to speak of right now

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Final Verdict

I don’t normally play solitaire card games but this one has just enough of a twist to be interesting. I like that the decks all look different, and that Cassandra’s there to give you predictions. It’s really a fun game. It’s worth the download, if you like playing card games app

Cassandra's 11

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