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Pano Tuner app review: tune your instrument to any pitch with ease 2021



This handy little app is a chromatic tuner which enables you to tune your instrument to any pitch, making it ideal for guitarists, bassists, violinists, and players of any other string or brass instrument. It's also great for singers.

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I’m pretty impressed with the functionality this app offers, especially considering it’s free, and it enables you to adjust the pitch so that you have complete freedom over how you tune your instrument. This app definitely offers a lot more functionality than others of its kind.

Free Chromatic Tuner: Pano Tuner


Pitch Perfect

As a pretty experienced musician, I can very quickly tell if a music app has been designed with care and attention to detail, or if it has just been haphazardly thrown together.

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In the case of Pano Tuner, I’d have to say I really like what I see and it’s quite clear that the developer has put some thought into its development.

I’ve used other chromatic tuner apps which only enable you to tune to a single pitch, and frankly, I don’t think this is of much use to many musicians. This app, on the other hand, provides a clear display set in a great wooden-themed user interface which shows you the note currently ringing out as well as the frequency of the pitch in Hz.

Pitch Perfect image


If you tap the i in the bottom right-hand corner, you’ll access the settings menu which I think really brings this app into a league of its own.

You can change which key the tuner fits to, display note letters or Do Re Mi-style text, and access other useful settings to change the temperament method or transpose between different keys.

All in all, I really like this app and will be using it as my go-to guitar tuner for the foreseeable future.

Features image

Free Chromatic Tuner: Pano Tuner


Pros and Cons


  • Tune your instrument to any pitch with ease
  • Adjust visual display as you see fit
  • Transpose between different keys
  • Adjust temperament method
  • Nice wooden-themed user interface


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

I’m really struggling to find something negative to say about this app, so I’ll say this instead: Pano Tuner is well worth getting for any musician. I like to think my ears are pretty nicely tuned after years of musicianship but strings slip, intonation deteriorates, and over days and weeks, you’re going to need a tuner to get your instrument perfectly to concert pitch.

With this in mind, I see no sense in carrying around an actual physical tuner for your instrument if you own an iPhone because you can just keep this app handy and quickly dig it out whenever your instrument starts to sound a little off.

There are some additional features available via in-app purchase but at the very least I would recommend downloading the free version of this app to see what you think.

Free Chromatic Tuner: Pano Tuner

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