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Recce - New York - app review: explore one of the greatest cities in the world in a new way



Upon opening Recce - New York by mapply, I expected yet another app that would tell me where the highlights are and where to eat using a map. Although my suspicions were true, the app still completely blew me away. When you tap through the initial explanation screen you will be impressed by what this app actually offers, which is a full three-dimensional rendition of the city that never sleeps. It kind of feels and looks like a modern version of SimCity, complete with traffic and city sounds. Of course this is just the look of the app, but just for that it’s worth to download it.

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Recce - New York


Using the Map

Even though the map looks so different, it offers all kinds of similar options you would expect from a map app. You can scroll around and zoom in, and everything uses the same touch-based controls that you are used to. If you’re actually in New York, simply ask the app where you are and it will find you. As the design of the app is in 3D, you will be able to get around easier and find different landmarks, even if your navigational skills aren’t up to scratch. You can even make the app turn with you, so you will always be looking in the right directions. 

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Search Function and Other Options

The app has a very in-depth search function available, where you can search for keywords or simply browse through the different categories such as landmarks and places. The latter are divided up into anything you can imagine, from cafes to parks and from nightlife to arts. The app also has an events button within this search function, allowing you to see what events are currently going on in New York. You can also see what offers are around for you to use, as after pressing this button the map will light up with all kinds of offers. Last but not least, you can stick a pin into all your favorite places listed in the app. These will be added to your collection, making them easier to access on a later date.

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Recce - New York


Pros and Cons


  • Fantastically original and great design
  • Find anything to do in New York
  • Great offers on nearly anything you can imagine



  • Is it too good to be true?



I’m sold. I can’t believe this app is absolutely free. I would easily pay for this app, as it has so much information in it, and is so easy to navigate that it can’t be a cheap app to make. Two more cities are available from the same developer, London and San Francisco, and I’m sure that when I will visit these cities, I will get the free Recce map for them as well. The app is only 115 MB in size, but works absolutely fine offline. It’s compatible with both iPad and iPhone.


Recce - New York

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