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The best iPhone apps for vegetarians

07 Mar 2016 App Lists
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Becoming vegetarian can seem overwhelming at first but there are many delicious and nutritious foods for you to eat as part of a vegetarian diet. Many people have improved their health and even lost weight by reducing the amount of meat they eat. If you are vegetarian or just looking for some tasty vegetarian dishes to add to your recipe repertoire, there are plenty of suitable apps out there for you to try that will help you buy, cook, and prepare vegetarian foods. Here is our list of the best vegetarians apps for iPhone.  

iPhone / iPad

This app for vegans and vegetarians offers beautiful photos of prepared dishes so you can see what the finished result will look like. VegKitchen has tips and tricks for you to learn to make cooking easier and fun. Want to make some amazing Asian noodle dishes? How about some colorful, nutritious, and delicious salads? There are tons of recipes in here you will want to try. There's a section for Latest recipes as well. This app even offers a shopping list so you know exactly what supplies you will need for each dish. 

  • Share recipes
  • Mark recipes as favorites
  • Write a little note to yourself
  • Recipes, tips and tricks, and shopping lists
  • Free app for vegetarians

iPhone / iPad
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Tasteful is a restaurant finder that ranks restaurants that are close by you based on the quality of their food. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, or gluten-free, Tasteful will offer you healthy restaurants that suit your needs. Hundreds of thousands of restaurants across thousands of cities in the United States are covered here. Search for real food restaurants anywhere in the country, find restaurants that source local, in-season, farm-to-table ingredients, and see where other healthy people are eating. All you have to do is set your diet type and the app will customize the restaurant recommendations you will be offered.

  • Find the best healthy restaurants that fit your diet
  • Search for restaurants anywhere in the U.S.
  • See where other healthy eaters dine
  • Set diet type to Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Gluten-free, Low Carb, or Everything
  • Earn points for everything you do

iPhone / iPad

YoDish is an app that lets discover, share, and discuss vegetarian, food allergy, and gluten-free restaurant meals. You'll be able to quickly and easily find nearby restaurants or dishes, follow people to see meal ideas, connect with other YoDishers, and find out “what's good here” based on the user ratings and comments. YoDish is powered by FourSquare so you don't have to worry about having to add locations. There are photos, access to specialty dish menus (with subscription), and an activity feed for those you follow. Most of the features are free except for the “From the Menu” information, which comes with a yearly subscription, available as an in-app purchase.

  • Share, discover, and discuss restaurants that cater to special diets
  • Quickly and easily find suitable restaurants or dishes nearby
  • Follow people and see their updates in your feed
  • Powered by FourSquare
  • Free with in-app purchase

iPhone / iPad

The Maoz Vegetarian app is a loyalty and rewards program app that lets you pay for your purchases at Maoz Vegetarian locations using your iPhone, and earn rewards at the same time. For every $99 you spend using this app, you'll get $9 towards your next purchase. You also get your Maoz Vegetarian status advanced, which will let you unlock even more benefits. The app lets you find the closest locations, look at the menu, and keep track of your purchases at Maoz Vegetarian. All you have to do to use the app is link your debit or credit card and enjoy!

  • Loyalty and rewards program app
  • Pay at Maoz Vegetarian using your iPhone
  • Get $9 towards your next purchase with every $99 spent
  • See the menu, find locations, and more
  • Free iPhone app for vegetarians 

VegWorld Magazine is a digital magazine app to keep you connected to vegetarian living. Every issue contains insightful articles, high-quality photos, amazing recipes, discussions, important information on natural health, delicious-looking recipe videos, and interviews with guest celebrities. There are four types of in-app purchases available: a single issue (non-subscription), a monthly subscription, a six-month subscription, and a one-year subscription. If you like what you see, the one-year subscription will save you quite a bit of money compared to buying each issue individually.

  • Digital magazine app
  • Each issue is full of amazing features
  • Four types of in-app purchase available
  • Delicious recipes and recipe videos
  • Interviews, discussions, and articles on vegan and vegetarian living

iPhone / iPad
2 reviews
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Whether you are a vegetarian looking for recipes or just want to incorporate more vegetables into your diet, this app can help you achieve your goals. Green Kitchen is full of delicious, inspiring vegetarian dishes made with natural, meat-free ingredients. They are also low in dairy products, sugar, and gluten. The photographs are spectacular, the recipes are well-written, and the directions are easy to follow. You will enjoy a good variety of healthy beverages, main courses, and snacks, the option to save your favorites, an easy way to create a shopping list that you can then send or iMessage, and smart timers that know what you're cooking.

  • 117 premium recipes
  • 28 more recipes available via in-app purchase
  • Multiple photos for each recipe
  • Each recipe marked as vegan, raw, gluten-free, or whole grain
  • Share recipes via AirDrop

iPhone / iPad

Do you love smoothies? If so, you need to check out Smoothie Recipes Pro. It has more than 200 delicious smoothie recipes. Have a look through all the recipes: the photographs themselves are tasty looking! Next, create a grocery shopping list for the ingredients you will need to have on hand to create your wondrous concoctions, and then make and enjoy! The recipe list is always growing so you will have a plethora of choices when you want to try a new smoothie recipe. You can bookmark your faves, share through Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, and see how much better you feel when you recharge your body with raw ingredients!

  • Over 200 smoothie recipes
  • Amazingly delicious-looking photos
  • Bookmark your favorites
  • Share recipes
  • Free with in-app purchase to upgrade

The Sweet'N'Spicy Vegetarian Recipes app offers more than 4500 recipes and over 1000 video recipes for you to try. If you are looking to freshen up your vegetable dishes, then you are certain to find some inspiration here. Each recipe has a full list of ingredients, instructions, and previous user comments. Most have allergy and calorie information as well. You'll find beneficial health tips, a Basics section that will teach you about Indian food, and you can print your favorite recipes. You can search by cooking time, food name, and category, or search just the videos.

  • Browse categories or sub-categories
  • Search by category, food name, or cooking time
  • Every recipe includes ingredients, instructions, and user comments
  • Find alternate recipes
  • Free vegetarian app for iPhone

Do you need to learn how to cook vegetarian dishes? Look no further! Vegetarian How to Cook Everything app has over 2,000 recipes. You won't need another recipe app! This app is from the cookbook of the same name, written by the bestselling author Mark Bittman. It has everything from stir-fries to burgers and everything in between. The app offers flexible search capability, a dedicated layout each for portrait and horizontal views, how-to illustrations, ingredient information, and meal-planning ideas. You can bookmark certain recipe steps, set timers, and easily make shopping lists.

  • Over 2,000 meatless recipes
  • Cooking guidance
  • Easy-to-use search function
  • Built-in timers
  • How-to section

iLiveVeg is a magazine app currently being offered with a free seven-day trial. The app offers a new digital issue once a month and contains tips on a vegetarian diet and interactive videos and multimedia. A subscription comes with a free premium eBook called “Maintaining the Body,” delicious and healthy recipes in each issue, videos, and articles. The photos are clear and inspiring, and the recipes will give you plenty of ideas for meal planning. Whether you are a raw foodie, vegan, vegetarian, or are just trying to incorporate more delicious vegetables and fruits into your diet, this is the digital magazine you want to try. Each issue is $1.99.

  • Magazine app for vegans, vegetarians, and raw foodies
  • Add more vegetables into your diet
  • One issue a month
  • Get a seven-day free trial

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