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The best iPhone apps for vegetarians

26 Feb 2015 App Lists
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If you are a vegetarian or are looking for information about this lifestyle then check out our list of the best vegetarian apps for the iPhone.


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iPhone / iPad

Eat a balance of proteins, carbs, and fats in your vegetarian diet with this app.

  • Teaches you about nutrition
  • Learn about the nutritional content of different sources
  • Universal app
  • Lightweight app
  • Simple and straightforward interface

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Not only will this app help you find vegetarian restaurants, but you can also search for other dietary preferences.

  • Professional reviews of restaurants
  • Covers NYC, LA, and Austin, TX
  • Free and lightweight app
  • Search and sort restaurants
  • Find gluten-free options

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iPhone / iPad

Whether you've just adopted this lifestyle or looking for a new burst of inspiration for vegetarian cooking, this recipe app is sure to help you out.

  • Lightweight app only takes up 1.6 MB
  • Easy classic dishes
  • Recipes will be appreciated by non-vegetarians too
  • Simple interface
  • Step-by-step instructions

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Figure out the right serving size for you when you serve up food on a plate.

  • Learn what a serving should be
  • Works for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians
  • Edit entries from the previous day
  • Check your progress over time and make adjustments
  • Become healthier

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This app will teach you why vegetarianism is worth a try.

  • Social media integration
  • Features facts about vegetarianism
  • Slideshow of all the facts
  • Learn how to use the app in the Help section
  • Gives reasons beyond just ethics

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Find restaurants that will literally cater to your lifestyle with the help of this app.

  • Also works for vegans
  • Filter by various parameters
  • Browse popular searches
  • Save your favorite entries
  • Check the directions and contact details for any restaurant

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This app also features a large collection of recipes both in text and video format.

  • New recipes added everyday
  • Free app
  • 4500 text and 1000 video recipes
  • Search by food name, category, cooking time, and more
  • Learn the basics of Indian food

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Get inspired to cook awesome vegetarian meals with this photo cookbook.

  • From wild mushroom omelet to potato gnocchi
  • 60 recipes with 500 high-res photos
  • Simple recipes
  • Search by ingredient and name
  • Email ingredient list for easy shopping

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iPhone / iPad
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App News & Reviews

This is another app full of recipes for vegetarians, and it also ensures you get minimal gluten, sugar, and dairy in your diet.

  • Stunning photographs to accompany each recipe
  • 102 recipes included
  • AirPrint and AirDrop support
  • Universal app
  • Learn how long each recipe will take

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This app contains recipes from the bestselling author Mark Bittman.

  • Learn to make tofu and cheese from scratch
  • Add your own notes to recipes
  • Voice-overs by the author himself
  • Print recipes and shopping lists
  • Plan out your meal by adding recipes to a calendar

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Get the Vegan Lifestyle Magazine at your fingertips in digital form with this app.

  • Yearly, monthly, and single-issue purchase options
  • Videos, articles, and news in the vegan world
  • Learn about personal care
  • Free app
  • Free trial available

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This app, as the name suggests, comes packed with tens of thousands of recipes to excite your taste buds while being consistent with your lifestyle choices.

  • 15,000 photos
  • Photo recipes for beginners
  • Browse by category
  • Search functions
  • Search by ingredients

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