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You’ve come to the right place to read unbiased, unpaid-for reviews for iPhone and iPad applications!

Every day our editorial team work to select and review the best, most popular, newest and most interesting applications to help you discover apps you will love and actually use!

The editor accepts requests for reviews from developers. We do NOT accept payment to write reviews for applications. We can only approve requests to review good quality, interesting iPhone and iPad applications from developers who have registered in our Developer Member Area.

Turtle Tumble by War Drum Studios LLC is an entertaining mini golf game app that brings a new twist to a familiar old game. 
Do – Run Productive Meetings by ReDo Inc. is a simple yet effective app that allows you to easily keep track of your meeting schedule, organize meetings with other pa...
YoVivo! By YoVivo Limited is a robust media platform sharing app that allows you to bring all your social media, photo, and video storage apps together in one convenient pl...
Spending time in the sun can be a lot of fun, but unfortunately it can also lead to a sun burn or even worse. 
I learn by Bizzibrains is a fun and interactive learning app for children between the ages of 3 and 8. 
Slugterra: Dark Waters by Apps Ministry is an action adventure game that features stunning graphics that are quite surprising for a mobile platform like iOS.
Popsoc Travel is an app that can help you plan your next epic gathering with friends. 
Colordrop by George Jones is a powerful little app that enables you to extract any color from your surrounding environment. 
Surkus is an innovative new app that actually pays you to attend social events in your city. 
Colourbind! by Michael Guevarra is a simple game designed to test how well you do at recognizing different colors.
Filtist by You Hashizume is a simple and fun app that lets you apply various filters to videos you take within the app. 
StockSwipe by Ace Green is a simple stock analysis app designed to make life easier for the investor. 
Facebook is the most popular social media app on the planet with a lot of different companion apps that have been developed to enhance the overall Facebook experience.
Invasion: Online War Game is a fantastic strategy game for iPhone and iPad that has you taking up arms in a post-apocalyptic world where alliances are forged tenuously and ...
If you are looking to travel out of town but are operating on a tight budget then you will definitely want to download Stayful, as it may help you save a considerable amoun...
MyAudioStream HD Lite by Arkuda Digital LLC is a comprehensive media streaming app that makes streaming your music collection across all your devices seamless. 
Gems Smash by Babies Fun Technology Co., Ltd. is another contender in the match three puzzle matching game category with a few interesting twists.
Bluespots – Free by Dushyant Gaur is an innovative app with the express purpose of bringing people together. 
NiLi Nightlife Concierge by NiLi is designed to be the perfect companion to your night out on the town. 
strong room is an ingenious app for iPhone and iPad that makes it easier than ever for you to store all of your logins, passwords, financial details, and other sensitive in...
If you’ve ever wondered what you might look like as a cartoon character, you can find out with the Clip2Comic app by DigitalMasterpiecesGmbH. 
Stack Heroes – The Limitless Tower Challenge by Callipix is a fun and addictive stacking game that will keep you on your toes the entire time. 
It can be difficult finding apps that are appropriate for young children with any real educational value, but jigsaw puzzles are a great way for young children to begin to ...
Brainventures is an educational game that shows how the brain functions in everyday life.