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Do you remember the good old days where you and the family would record all your special memories with a VHS recorder/camcorder?
Just because you don’t feel like heading out to the casino doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy that same kind of action at home or on the go.
Are you an entertainment buff? Can't get enough of your favorite TV shows and top movies?
It seems like new apps are popping up all the time and it can be really hard to keep on top of the releases and find those worth mentioning.
If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at animation, but you weren’t confident in your own abilities in the past you probably would’ve just kept your ...
As a small business owner you need every advantage you can get as it doesn’t take much for the expenses to start piling up.
There are a multitude of different video game categories available in the App Store, but one of the most popular continues to be games in the third person shooter category.
Are you frustrated with not knowing where all your money goes each month? You're not alone. In fact, a large amount of people are pretty lost when it comes to explaining h...
Writing music can be a wonderful past-time, then again it may be your career. Whatever the reason may be, if you plan on writing music then you need to be aware of the basics ...
While most of us enjoy socializing just for the fun of it, there are other reasons it can prove to be worth your time and effort. 
Nothing comes cheap nowadays and often people find themselves needing to work more than one job just to make a living.
Do you consider yourself to be a pretty good shopper? Are you the type that could spend hours in the stores and just love to find a good deal?
It seems as though developers are always looking for a way to take productivity to the next level when it comes to apps. 
There are all kinds of apps dedicated to helping you when it comes to education but those that feature a productivity element to them tend to stand out.
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an app developer? Maybe you’ve got a great idea of your own for an app but wouldn’t even dream about going for it...
While having a night at home is relaxing and quiet, it's not always what you're in the mood for. 
In today’s world, we have a lot more options for how we sell our products both online and off. 
How do you stay organized? Many people turn to lists but this is only helpful if the list is set up in a way that works for you.
In an average week people spend a fair bit of time online (most of us, anyway) and in that time we will receive hundreds of emails and there’s nothing more frustrating t...
Have you ever found yourself singing in the shower or lip-syncing to your favorite tune on the radio? 
What do you like to do in your free time? Do you enjoy playing games on your mobile device and always seem to be on the hunt for the next addictive offering?
It's easy to find things to complain about in a day, things that make you frustrated or angry, and just negative thoughts in general. But where does all the negativity get...
If you feel like your mobile phone bill has gotten a bit out of control for texting and calling, then why not do something about it?
Perhaps you’re already familiar with this next category of apps that has been designed for those with a passion and love of good wine, and an interest in learning more a...