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We live in an age where standard voice calls are becoming archaic and video calls are becoming the norm. 
Wing Chun Kung-Fu is straight-forward, hard hitting, no nonsense self-defense.   
The Vault is an incredibly advanced and secure app that stores and encrypts your sensitive and important information. 
MimeChat is an iPhone app that helps you communicate your feelings through animation. It takes emoticons one step further, and creates an animation of people hugging rather...
Created by London-based Workshare, the Workshare Connect for Mobile is an extension of their award-winning programs.  
There are likely more photo editing apps in the App Store than any other category. 
If you’re planning to do some traveling around Europe there are tons of options. 
This app has been circulating through Europe and has finally reached the U.S. shores.  
The great thing about the social media phenomenon that has swept the globe over the last 10 years is that just when you think everything’s been tried before something...
If you travel for business the expenses can quickly add up with hotels, meals, and of course, gas. 
If you’re concerned about your health it’s a good idea to keep track of vital information. 
For those of you knee-deep in social media websites, Instagram is a must-have. 
Kibo by Group Logic, Inc. is an innovative new keyboard app for Apple devices that helps protect your privacy. 
The market doesn’t wait for you while you sleep. 
Veer Launcher by Code Atlas SRL is a basic little app designed to make it easier to communicate with your contacts by fully integrating with your notification center. ...
Wurrly by Wurrly LLC is one of those apps that can actually change your life in a positive way. 
Filmplix by Myjobs.TV is a comprehensive network and educational app created for the iOS operating system.
AptoPad by Dariusz Bukowski is an innovative keyboard app designed to give you an alternative to traditional typing methods. 
Phrase Party! is a fast, exciting, and fun-filled guessing game that is perfect for parties, sleepovers, team-building, and other group activities. 
Finding the right shade of makeup can be a difficult challenge for anybody. 
We all have different tastes in music and if we asked a thousand people who their favorite singer is it’s entirely possible we’d get a thousand different answer...
Presence is a security app that can transform your old iOS device into a self-contained home surveillance camera. 
Off Remote is a utility program that allows you to shut down your computer using your iOS device. 
For managers and executives, trying to organize and keep track of large projects there’s probably no better tool than Microsoft Project.