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You’ve come to the right place to read unbiased, unpaid-for reviews for iPhone and iPad applications!

Every day our editorial team work to select and review the best, most popular, newest and most interesting applications to help you discover apps you will love and actually use!

The editor accepts requests for reviews from developers. We do NOT accept payment to write reviews for applications. We can only approve requests to review good quality, interesting iPhone and iPad applications from developers who have registered in our Developer Member Area.

Technological advancements have led to the development of modern mobile and web apps that make it easy to perform tasks that were in the past very complex and expensive.
Most comic and sci-fi movies are based on characters who have super powers. 
It’s not always easy finding a decent game in the App Store. 
Dragon’s Lair HD is a classic action adventure game specifically ported for the latest versions of Apple’s iPad. 
Locked Folder Free is a secure storage solution designed to protect sensitive information on your mobile device. 
Stripe is one of the leading online companies that provide individuals and businesses with convenient way of accepting payments through the Internet.