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review iWod Pro app review: your one-stop shop for functional fitness
by Neha Sinha, 18 Apr 2014
If you are looking for an app that complements and enhances your health and fitness lifestyle, then downloading iWod Pro on your iPhone or iPad could be one of the best dec...
review Korean Cuisine app review: learn how to create stunning dishes
by Tonya Medeiros, 18 Apr 2014
If you're tired of eating the same old dishes over and over again then it's time to add a little excitement to your repertoire. ...
review Makeup Touch app review: how would you like a makeover?
by Tonya Medeiros, 18 Apr 2014
There's no need to leave the house to get a makeover and see what you'd look like with a different makeup look. ...
review iDuck ID app review: receive quick and accurate information for the identification of over 30 species of North American waterfowl
by Neha Sinha, 18 Apr 2014
If you are used to hauling around field guides to identify birds, then iDuck ID is going to truly be a life-changing app, enabling you to identify more than 30 species of d...
review Lab Values Pro app review: a premium resource for all healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, and students
by Mark Bangs, 18 Apr 2014
Whether you’re currently working in a medical profession or you’re a student who is looking for an extra boost to your learning, this iPhone and iPad app provid...
review FL Studio Mobile HD app review: create and save complete multi-track music projects with ease
by Mark Bangs, 18 Apr 2014
What we’ve got here is a high-quality iPhone and iPad app that has been designed to enable you to easily create and save complete multi-track music projects with all ...
review app review: all the music you would ever need in one app
by Wouter van Vugt, 18 Apr 2014
There are a lot of apps that promise free music to everyone; however, there usually is a catch, which will make you sign up and pay for a subscription for their service. ...
review GPS TRACKER (Follow family and friends with your phone) app review: allows you to know the location of your family at any time
by Mark Bangs, 18 Apr 2014
If you’re looking for a neat and discreet way of keeping tabs on your employees or a family member then you’ll definitely want to check out this nifty iPhone an...
review Barefoot World Atlas app review: puts the world at your children’s fingertips
by Mark Bangs, 18 Apr 2014
Calling all parents: this iPhone and iPad app provides a wonderfully fun and friendly introduction to the world and all that it has to offer, with loads of videos, images, ...
review Audubon Nature Pacific Northwest app review: yet another stunning addition to the Audubon range
by Mark Bangs, 18 Apr 2014
This iPhone and iPad app is an absolute must-have for all you nature lovers out there who either live in the Pacific Northwest or are thinking of visiting this year, provid...