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AppPicker's mission is to provide a better way to discover IPhone, iPad and Mac apps that are best for you. With hundreds of thousands of apps available, finding the right apps can feel like a daunting and confusing experience. We've built tools to help you more effectively navigate the sea of apps in an efficient and enjoyable manner.

By using our website you will discover the most popular and top rated apps. Our editorial team publishes at least 6 app reviews per day to help in your discovery process along with lists of the best apps for different occasions. We also publish a list of iPhone apps, iPad apps and Mac apps that have become free or gone on sale every day. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, browse the Explore Tab which starts with the most recent apps added to the U.S. App Store. Our website carries all iOS and Mac apps available in the U.S. App Store and is updated daily. We are an official member of the iTunes Affiliate Program.

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