iPhone and iPad app lists

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We are pleased to present these lists of the best iPhone and iPad apps. These apps have been selected specially for you and grouped by topic into curated lists. Learn more and enjoy them on your iPhone or iPad.

Detach from your stress with soothing background music or idyllic nature sounds, and get your Zen on with these terrific picks.
Don’t wait another day! Check out our list of the best horoscope apps for iPad.
Not all zombie apps are appropriate for all age ranges, but a lot of them are fun with just a bit of cartoony gore to capture the attention of the older group of tweens and te...
If you enjoy watching or betting on horse racing or want to know more about this sport then check out our list of the best horse racing apps for your iPhone.
Once you’ve used a nautical navigation app you’ll wonder if you're chart plotter is even necessary. 
Your credit score plays an important role in the type of financing for which you are eligible, how much you can borrow, and what kind of rates you will get. In some cases a ba...
Whether you are a pharmacist looking for a list of prescription medicines and what they’re used for, or a consumer looking for the closest pharmacy, there are tons of op...
Let’s face it: teachers are busy people, and anything they can use to help them out is a great thing, indeed. 
The best apps for learning a new language will help kill time while you’re on your commute and will help you pick up a second, third, or heck, even a fourth language.&nb...
According to Google Insights, search engines are the most visited websites with mobile devices.
If you have a need to take a lot of notes, you’re probably very happy with the advent of the iPad. 
Life’s busy. We know it, and we also know that finding the right app to keep track of your to-do list is a completely subjective, highly personal task. 
If you’re looking to have a quick game on your iPhone and don’t want to worry about getting too involved in a big long story line, then racing games are always a g...
Keeping yourself organized may be as simple as finding that perfect app for your iPhone that allows you to schedule tasks, meetings, appointments, and events.
If you have just discovered that you are pregnant then you’ve got all kinds of excitement to look forward to, and planning of course
When it comes to playing the piano you can be the most skilled pianist out there and still not sound great if your piano isn’t properly tuned.
As a salon manager you will be at the center of salon operations.
Sports Betting apps a couple of years ago were nothing to write home about. In fact, they really weren’t worth downloading at all. 
A lot of people enjoy the process of shopping for and buying a car. The rest of the world despises it and would probably enjoy a root canal about as much. 
What would you do without your iPhone? The legal profession has been fast-paced and mobile since what feels like the dawn of time, and many lawyers now are almost totally reli...
Weather apps have improved quite a bit since the good old days of the first-gem iPad, and most of them also come with weather widgets for super fast reference. 
Blogs give people a way to express themselves, keep their followers up to date on what’s going on in their lives, sell products or services, make money through advertisi...
The fact you have an actual computer inside your iPhone means your regular calculator are pretty much obsolete nowadays. 
We know, it’s not quite time to start your holiday shopping (or is it?) but it’s always time for shopping for other stuff like clothes and shoes, right?