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We are pleased to present these lists of the best iPhone and iPad apps. These apps have been selected specially for you and grouped by topic into curated lists. Learn more and enjoy them on your iPhone or iPad.

Taking photos is quite possibly the most popular function of the iPhone other than communication. 
Over the years, bluetooth technology has changed the way we use our iDevices.
Creating the perfect resume can be difficult. There's a certain pressure for most people to create the best resume with the hopes of landing a job.
Most people have tons of photos stored on their device at any one time so why not take those photos and make something special out of them?   
Calling all cat lovers: this list is meant for you and your love of felines. You’ll find a great selection of cat-themed games for you to enjoy as well as games for y...
Soap operas come in all different forms nowadays, from the traditional ones that air in the afternoon to offerings you can catch in the evening at prime time.
There’s no reason to question your spelling on a word or struggle to find another word to use because this list of dictionary and thesaurus apps will help you each an...
With gas prices higher than they’ve ever been before, the idea of driving around aimlessly while you are lost makes no sense financially or for your own personal sani...
If you have a passion for shoes then you get exactly how important it is to find the right pair at the right price. 
You don’t have to be a child in order to enjoy a robot-based game as this list of apps proves. 
We’ve put together a list of apps for bikers and by bikers we mean both motorcycle riders and bicycle riders. 
With the new Star Wars movie set to hit the big screen later this year it seems that Star Wars is even more popular than ever before. 
For those who enjoy the hobby of quilting it seems there are always new techniques you can learn in addition to the classic ones. 
For those with a green thumb this list of apps has been specially created with you in mind. 
If you’re on a quest to build your own wine cellar at home, even if you have just a few vintages on-hand, then do so in a professional way which also entails manageme...
Are you new in town and looking for a great restaurant, shops, or things to do? 
What do you do when you have those rare moments in your day where you’ve got some free time? 
Do you find yourself forgetting important dates, appointments, and meetings on a pretty regular basis? 
Whether you have an interest in human rights, are studying it in school, or it relates to your career this list of apps can prove to be quite interesting and purposeful.&nb...
Tax season is often a very stressful time of year for people and with that said most dread its arrival. 
It’s time for a little hockey action and not to worry you won’t have to wait for the winter temps and access to ice. 
If you’re a professional firefighter or you have an interest in fire safety, then this list of apps will definitely appeal to you. 
Staying in fashion can be an expensive and time-consuming thing to do. You can literally spend hours going from store-to-store trying to find that perfect item at the perfe...
If you are trying to quit smoking or even thinking of trying you know it’s an uphill battle ahead of you.