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We are pleased to present these lists of the best iPhone and iPad apps. These apps have been selected specially for you and grouped by topic into curated lists. Learn more and enjoy them on your iPhone or iPad.

There’s no need to be part of a band in order to make your own music thanks to this collection of apps. 
Do you have an item, or perhaps many items that you are looking to sell? 
Minecraft can be a pretty big addiction for players but with that said it’s easy to find yourself getting stuck and need to know how to advance. 
If you have a business you are trying to promote or operate and need a website built, it can be a pretty overwhelming undertaking. 
If superhero-based games, activities, and content is your thing then this list is a treasure chest.
Do you have an interest in martial arts?
When it comes to gaming, some of the most challenging ones are the logic-based games. 
If you need a way to be able to create spreadsheets on the go then this list of apps can act as wonderful tools for your endeavors. 
If you're looking to lose weight, improve your health, or generally keep a closer eye on what you eat each day then try downloading one of these great apps to help you ...
Between safety and protecting the items in your home, you have probably already considered installing a home security system. 
Keeping track of your various passwords can feel like a job all in itself. 
If you are finding the home screen of your iOS device to be a little dull lately then you might want to consider checking out some of the home screen customization apps on ...
When it comes to RPG-style games, one of the most popular are the Simcity offerings.   
Remote desktop apps for iPhone and iPad are incredible tools that you can use to access your desktop computer or laptop regardless of where you happen to be.
It is always a good idea to try and stay up-to-date with the latest events around the world, but of course not every single news story is going to be of interest to you.
Here’s a list of apps that is dedicated to all things DC Comics related. 
Have you got a question weighing on your mind and you could really use some input from others? 
If you're a hard-core Clash of Clans player then you know there are always ways you can improve your gameplay and learn more about the hidden surprises of this all-enco...
Being a business owner is challenging enough, never mind if you have a website that depends on customer traffic. 
If you feel that your mobile device just hasn’t been performing as it should lately then it may be time to get a better look at it. 
If you’re a fan of craigslist either as a buyer or seller, this list of apps will be of huge interest to you. 
Nobody enjoys sitting in traffic. Getting lost only adds to the stress of driving.
Have you been looking to learn how to play the guitar but aren’t willing to shell out the big bucks for lessons? 
We all have items at home that we either can’t use anymore or just don’t want, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be of use.