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Transit App, developed in Montreal, is an app that people will use when they need public transit schedules.
Tim Cook talked about giving away his wealth in a story Fortune magazine published on Thursday. Cook will pay for the education of his 10-year-old nephew, and then will giv...
If you’re planning on buying an Apple Watch when they come out, you better think about your plans.
Apple was unable to get the music labels to agree to the proposed deal for its music service, according to a report by Fortune.
Apple has purchased FoundationDB according to a report from TechCrunch.
If you haven’t noticed, Apple has dropped the price of the Apple TV by about 30 percent to cost US$69.
iOS 8.2 was released last week.  On top of that, we knew in December that it would come with support for the Apple Watch. Today, yet another update for ...
Excited consumers will be able to buy their very own Apple Watches starting on April 24 in the United States as well as eight other countries.
Italian prosecutors have completed their investigation into allegations that Apple neglected to pay corporate taxes to the amount of around $964 million.
Analyst Brian White has raised his price target on Apple shares from $160 to $180, which means the market cap would be over $1 trillion.