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A federal appeals court rejected Apple’s application today to disqualify an appointed antitrust compliance monitor.
By the end of 2015, almost every major car maker in North America will start offering Android Auto or CarPlay in new models.
A man from Quebec says he’s planning to fight the $120 ticket he got for using his Apple Watch while driving.
Social media platforms went ballistic this week with reports from people that their iPhones would turn off after receiving a certain text.
The son of one of China’s richest men posted photos online on Monday showing his dog wearing two of Apple’s most expensive gold watches.
This afternoon, Apple’s facility in Mesa, Arizona caught fire.
When the Apple Watch was launched, Apple had designed an all-new system font for it called San Francisco.
The man behind much of Apple’s industrial design language over the last several years had now been promoted as Apple’s new Chief Design Officer.
As a general rule, Apple will introduce new tech or features into one product, see how it does, then slowly introduce it to other devices.
Even though Apple Maps doesn’t have as many features as Google Maps, it’s slowly been taking over the market share since it came out in 2012.