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For those people who are waiting for the rumored 12.9-inch iPad, it’s not likely you’ll see it anytime soon.
Apple’s streaming music service will start in June.
Everyone is waiting for the special Apple Watch event in San Francisco next Monday, and Tim Cook is apparently just as excited about it.
Apple and Google announced yesterday that they’ve made fixes to solve the newly discovered Freak security flaw that affects Mac computers and mobile devices.
Well, it didn’t take long; some financial institutions are seeing an increasing number of frauds on Apple Pay as criminals take advantage of vulnerabilities in the ve...
The Samsung vs Apple fight continues; Samsung released its newest S6 and S6 Edge phones over this past weekend.
Apple has put out the Photos app for OS X in the beta feed, with its new AppleSeed program that allows people signed up to test out the software before it becomes...
Samsung put out its latest model of the Galaxy S smartphone.
Huawei Technologies Co. from China just added its own smartwatch to the mix, announcing the device weeks ahead of the Apple Watch’s release.
No one is sure if the Apple Watch will be as successful as Apple wants it to be, but there is one feature that might make the device more attractive to potential buyers.