Social Status - Find Your Crowd app review: a boost for your social life

29 Apr 2017 / reviews

There’s nothing worse than a Saturday night and nowhere to go. Some people may have a knack for discovering where the next big social gatherings are, but I’m not o...
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Suggestic – Automated Nutrition Coach app review: an innovative approach to health and nutrition

27 Apr 2017 / reviews

As someone who’s had a lot of experience trying to control and maintain a healthy lifestyle, I know how difficult that can be. Boy, do I envy genetically gifted individu...
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Print Reliably app review: a Wi-Fi printing solution for your iDevice

19 Apr 2017 / reviews

There are some things that your iPhone or iPad do well and other things that they fall short in. They’re great tools for communication and of course there are a ton of a...
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MIKU - Photo Editing by Professionals app review: Hassle Free Photo Editing

17 Apr 2017 / reviews

In our selfie dominant world, it seems everyone is trying to capture the perfect likeness of themselves all the time. 
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Real Guitar Free app review: a great app for guitar lovers and learners

17 Mar 2017 / reviews

As someone who real loves to play guitar in my spare time, whatever that is, I always have a healthy scepticism when it comes to apps that claim to be the best guitar playing ...
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UnStock app review: earn money by selling video clips and footage

03 Feb 2017 / reviews

It seems like every time you turnaround these days someone has captured the perfect moment on video using their iPhone that in the past simply wouldn’t have been possibl...
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Call Levels app review: real-time tracking of stocks and markets

28 Jan 2017 / reviews

There’s a whole world of possibilities out there for increasing your own personal wealth and with the growth in popularity of apps you can now be your own personal finan...
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Beat Maker Go! app review: A fun beat making drum pad for iOS

11 Dec 2016 / reviews

There are so many drum making apps, synthesizer apps, and various other music sampling apps in the App Store it’s difficult to sort through them all to find those hidden...
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Spritzr - Best Matchmaking App for Dating app review: become a matchmaker and help your friends

08 Dec 2016 / reviews

There’s this friend of mine that’s constantly driving me nuts with their poor choice in partners. She never seems to be able to find a worthwhile person to date an...
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Clash of Kings - The West app review: an epic game of battles and strategies

01 Dec 2016 / reviews

Clash of Kings was one of the most popular online role-playing games of all time with more than 50 million downloads. 
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Paralign app review: connect with like-minded people anonymously

30 Nov 2016 / reviews

Human beings are social animals and that means we’re always looking for an opportunity to communicate with like-minded people.
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EssayShark app review: experts available 24/7 for essay help

29 Nov 2016 / reviews

Being a student can be stressful at times, especially when a deadline’s fast approaching and you’re not prepared.
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WeatherBug app review

28 Oct 2016 / reviews

WeatherBug by Earth Networks, Inc. gives you access to worldwide weather information.
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