CalcTape app review: a calculator app that makes tracking your calculations easy

28 Jul 2016 / reviews

Calculator apps don’t usually get anyone too excited as they’re all very similar and, with apologies to the math lovers out there, most people aren’t too exc...
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CareSync app review: quickly access, organize, and share your family’s health information

27 Jul 2016 / reviews

Making sure our family’s health information is well organized and available when needed can seem like a daunting task and in the past it meant keeping a file at home wit...
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Flight Pilot Simulator 3D app review: a simple and fun flight simulator game

26 Jul 2016 / reviews

Flight simulator games have been stimulating the imaginations of children and adults since the first one was released way back in 1979.
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Waze app review: A GPS navigation and social traffic sharing tool

25 Jul 2016 / reviews

Our world has become a lot more convenient place because of the use of smart phones and GPS technology to guide us
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TooFar Media app review: a magnificent fusion of art, fiction, and music

21 Jul 2016 / reviews

In today’s rapidly changing world, the limits of our creative capacity are only set by our own lack of imagination, but for the lucky ones with creative minds there are ...
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Curate app review: an innovative way to preview art on your walls

19 Jul 2016 / reviews

For the art lover, one of the biggest challenges in trying to decide whether you want to purchase a new piece is how it will look in your home.
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Trainerfu app review: A powerful and comprehensive app for personal trainers and their clients

06 Jul 2016 / reviews

We all have a desire to improve ourselves in one way or another and for a lot of us that means establishing and striving for personal fitness goals.
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GIF Creator app review: A simple and fun GIF creator and editor for iOS

30 Jun 2016 / reviews

One thing I’ve always wanted to do, but never seemed to find the time for was to try dabbling in creating my own GIFs and animated videos.
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EasyType app review: A comprehensive alternative keyboard app that does it all

28 Jun 2016 / reviews

The problem with keyboard apps for the most part is that they tend to do one little gimmick well, but they’re not much use for anything else.
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inBudget app review: a terrific financial app that's easy to use

25 Jun 2016 / reviews

If you’re like me, then you’re probably filled with dread every time you think about your personal budget and how to keep track of it better.
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Skiplagged app review: An app that helps you find cheap flights to anywhere

21 Jun 2016 / reviews

The cost of an airline flight these days has become extremely prohibitive for the overwhelming majority of the population and as a consequence for many people if they can&rsqu...
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Orgit app review: An unlimited private sharing app for friends and family

18 Jun 2016 / reviews

In a world dominated by technology, we’ve become accustomed to quickly taking photos on our smart phones and sharing them with the world, but there are times where you&r...
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Yoshirt app review: Create and order custom shirts from your iDevice

16 Jun 2016 / reviews

There are moments in our lives that have certain significance for us and we usually capture these moments using our smartphone’s built-in camera.
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