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Spinbackup — is the greatest Google Photos Backup and Recovery service ever
So you think you can swipe? Try our game: ELEMELONS. An iOS action game that’s easy to use, addictive and with cool graphics: You’ll enjoy playing this simple and ...
JotTheDate provides a creative and entertaining solution to the problem of mediocrity among calendars. Instead of having to type in each appointment by hand using the fiddly k...
Tengi is a brand new messaging app that follows in the footsteps of insanely popular, world-dominating messenger apps like WhatsApp.
BUCKiTDREAM is the world’s first dream platform, which encourages its users to dream big and dream bold. It works as a cross between Facebook and Instagram
Postcard & Tag makes sure you get the best out of your trip when you find yourself abroad for a few days.
Swingmail is pushing hard into the new UX for the inbox. Abandoning many of the standard approaches
Swingdo Chrome extension released! With the release of the Chrome extension users can now benefit from the powerful prioritization
WhoNow, the best accessory for any relationship is now available for iOS and Android devices. 
Wiper, the messaging and calling app with a focus on privacy, has just released their latest update - Wiper Film.
Game developer and publisher Snail Games has made another major step into the mobile gaming market with the long-awaited global release of its latest mobile MMO
Welcome to Tappy Dash! How long can you stay on the path?
Live Photos to Collage in a minute? Yes, now its possible with this awesome app! 
Shoppylist, an elegant and easy-to-use grocery shopping app for iPhone & iPad can now be used from the lock screen to save you time
MOVING BOOKS! Jajajajan is an educational app for kids, filled with delightfully animated stories and songs.
We're proud to announce that the guys from have published a free to play version of Kick Return, you can play it over here
Breaking a Record: How We Optimized Attached Images in myMail for iOS According to stats from myMail, 80% of files sent over email are images.
TIPIT Launches Competition for Early Adopters of New Video Creation and Editing Platform - TIPIT, the latest video editing platform for artists and filmmakers
Veer is the new launcher for iOS that makes you access your favorite contacts and apps with a single swipe.
SPViewer is a viewer for Microsoft Project files, specially designed for team members and project executives who need to open and analyze .mpp files on their iOS&...
Create Game Commentaries, Tutorials and Walk Throughs On Your iPhone. Lets Play gives you the ability to record yourself as you watch and react to other videos.
Privacy Guard -- Private Albums, Set passwords to protect your secrets! LEO Privacy Guard is the most Trusted and Convenient protector for your personal Photos & Videos...
iPhone users: create groups of contacts. 
Imperative Software Pty Ltd has released for Meetings for iPad®. Purpose built, for Meetings enables the recording of notes, agenda items, actions, remarks and more.