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Colour Flick is a reaction based game designed to test your thumb’s dexterity as you flick the colored ball in the center of the screen to the matching portion of the ou...
Designed as a real-time music performance platform, Looptunes takes full advantage of the tactile control available on the iPad and iPhone and empowers musicians
Word Roundup Stampede is a Wild West twist on the classic word puzzle game format.
Mobiles and tablets are great for doing so many things that were unheard of before the current smart technology came along, but one thing that they can always be relied upon f...
The human brain is a miracle of nature. Your learning style is unlike any other. Play to your unique strengths and you’ll pick up skills and knowledge at an incredible p...
Video is everywhere these days, but sending and archiving large video files remain a daunting task for many people, unless you find a right tool.
Since the summer of 2008, there have been over 140 billion apps downloaded through Apple’s App Store.
The holiday season is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to start making your gift-giving list.
Too often, finding your dream accommodation for a trip to London is offset by a long-winded booking experience – but not so with the new Park Grand Hotel app.
You may be planning a budget stay in London – for leisure or business – but, with the new Shaftesbury Hotels app, your booking experience will be first-class .
If you’re looking to stay at one of the most exclusive London hotels but want to simplify your booking experience, then downloading the Montcalm app is a must.
Make it appealing! Hidden app disguised as alarm and timer
Try out this fantastic word game, Word Whizzle. If you enjoy classic word games, such as Boggle, then you will love these interesting takes on a fan favorite word game
Recording videos with your iPhone?
The practice of essay writing is synonymous with the college experience; it is a skill that has to be honed, as degree-level essays are not something you can just blast out in...
Clash of Kings: The West (CTW) is exclusively designed for western players. This game focus on the western players’ gaming experience, and lead them back to the core of ...
With their latest update, has taken the iOS casino gaming experience to a whole new level.
Mr Smith Casino have made their bid to advance the already well established online casino scene with the introduction of their latest gaming app.
If you’re embarking on a trip to Europe soon there’s one app you need downloaded and sitting pretty in your favorites.
Ntellers The first Platform that combines News Telling With Social media.
Apps are proving to be more than just a pleasant distraction; many now benefit our day-to-day lives in a very positive way.
Track your tennis scores, stats, friends and foes like a pro. You can track live tennis matches or log completed results, singles and doubles, and see professional level stati...
Spinbackup — is the greatest Google Photos Backup and Recovery service ever
So you think you can swipe? Try our game: ELEMELONS. An iOS action game that’s easy to use, addictive and with cool graphics: You’ll enjoy playing this simple and ...