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The best coupon apps for iPhone

09 Mar 2015 App Lists
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If you like to clip coupons, or love to find a good deal, then check out our list of the best coupon apps for your iPhone. 


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This app will help you find offers that make for huge discounts on a variety of items.

  • Set up your profile
  • Receive customized alerts
  • Free and lightweight app
  • Share our savings
  • Receive offers from several categories

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This app will enable you to carry around your coupons on your iOS device as you snap a photo of printed offers and get "mobile-optimized" versions of the offers.

  • Receive reminders when you're inside the store
  • Scan coupons from mail, magazines, and newspapers
  • Collaborate with your friends via social media networks
  • Know when your coupons are about to expire
  • GPS integration

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iPhone / iPad
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Whether it's for online stores, in-store coupons, or grocery coupons, this app will help you save money on the items you often use.

  • Free and lightweight app
  • Search for offers in more than 4000 stores and brands
  • Email deals to your friends and family
  • Receive notifications when you're near a store for which you have a coupon
  • Sync across multiple devices

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This app lets you avail rebates as and when you purchase items at your favorite stores.

  • Constantly updated
  • Free and lightweight
  • Get rebates after shopping
  • Scroll through the galleries of rebates
  • Scan multiple barcodes in a single screen

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Save thousands of dollars using the deals provided within this app.

  • Free and lightweight app
  • Deals updated constantly
  • Coupons for over 50,000 retailers
  • Various categories to choose from
  • Bookmark your favorite stores

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iPhone / iPad
1 review
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Get coupons on a wide range of items with the help of this app.

  • Searches deals by category or keyword
  • Instantly links you to nearest deals available
  • User reviews of businesses
  • Customizable daily deals
  • Vibrant user community

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After all these years, nothing can still beat when it comes to finding the best value for your money, and this app brings the website to you on a mobile-friendly interface!

  • iOS-exclusive service
  • Prints coupons by accessing the app’s interface
  • User-intuitive interface
  • Links directly to your local store card
  • Finds nearest businesses offering coupons in your area

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Keep all of your coupons organized and ready for use using this app.

  • Complete coupon scanner
  • Upgradeable version
  • Allows instant feedback
  • Recognizes any kind of barcode
  • Allows bulk importing of coupons

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iPhone / iPad

Let Coupon Sherpa help you to save money as you save the coupons for your favorite restaurants and retailers on your iOS device.

  • Lets you save money
  • Allows any kind of Wi-Fi connection
  • Daily hot deals
  • Uses native GPS
  • Doesn’t require you to print 

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This app is a must-have when trying to save on your groceries. 

  • Weekly sales
  • Lets you calculate potential savings
  • Add complete sale items
  • Organize items by category
  • Redeemable coupons

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