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Flipboard Coupons & Codes app review: savings made simple



Whether you are planning to make purchases online from the comfort of your home, or wish to accrue benefits using coupons in-store, the Coupons & Codes app is an easily implementable app for the iPhone and iPad.

No matter which products you love, you no longer have to sit and sort through thousands of pages of coupon books, or manage those pesky cutouts from magazines and newspapers. Coupons & Codes gives you access to thousands upon thousands of coupons and offers no matter where you shop.

The best coupon apps for iPad Cash Back Savings


Coupon Convenience

This includes everything from department stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and local shops. Now you don't have to carry physical coupons with you; you can simply have them on your iPhone or iPad and show them to the establishment for which they are valid.

Some stores do not support soft copies of coupons. In such cases, your mobile device can be quickly connected wirelessly to a printer and these coupons can be printed out for you to take with you. If you are unable to connect to a wireless printer, you may email the coupon to yourself or to a friend with a few simple taps and print it directly from the computer.

Multiple users have stated in their reviews that this app only printed out coupons wirelessly on HP printers. It seems like this issue has been fixed and now coupons can be printed from printers of any brand.


The best coupon apps for iPhone Coupons & Codes screenshot 1 Coupons & Codes screenshot 1

Use At Drugstores, Grocery Stores, And Many More

Not only will Coupons & Codes save you a lot of money, it will also save you plenty of time. Instead of sifting through coupon tomes, you can simply use the search box and look for products, categories, or brand names that you wish to purchase.

If you are planing to use these coupons online, all you have to do is copy and paste the code when you check out your items on the shopping website. There is also the option of dragging and dropping the code, making it very convenient for you to quickly apply the discount.

There is also the option of adding the coupon to any loyalty card that you may have of your grocery store or drugstore. These will automatically show up on the store's system when you check out at the till.


Best iphone and ipad apps Coupons & Codes screenshot 2 Coupons & Codes screenshot 2 Cash Back Savings


Pros & Cons


  • Savings made simple, on just about any type of purchase, online or in-store
  • Take them with you wherever you go



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app Coupons & Codes screenshot 3 Coupons & Codes screenshot 3

Final Words

If you can't resist a good bargain and are always on the lookout for offers and deals, Coupons & Codes will become your best friend. All you have to do is download it for free on your iPhone or iPad and start receiving amazing savings on your purchases. Cash Back Savings

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