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The best crossword apps for iPad

13 Mar 2015 App Lists
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If you enjoy doing crossword puzzles then check out our list of the best crossword apps for your iPad. 


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iPhone / iPad
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This app brings you a collection of crossword puzzles from a number of newspapers.

  • Receive hints
  • Track your skill progression
  • Unlimited puzzles
  • Game Center integration
  • Social media integration

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iPhone / iPad

Short, quick crossword puzzles while on the go. 

  • All the crossword puzzles here can literally be solved in minutes
  • Made for time-wasting situations
  •  Puzzles are automatically generated
  • Completely offline
  • Intuitive 

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iPhone / iPad

A crossword a day keeps the doctor away! Well, not really, but it sure is close enough!

  • A fresh new puzzler every time you use this app
  • Meant for keeping your brain active
  • Puzzles are taken from different categories
  • Monthly competition for the leaderboards
  • 24/7 support

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From its title alone, you better know that this app has some serious crosswording in store!

  • Encourages multiplayer play
  • Play with or against friends online
  • Board game-style gameplay
  • Contains AI characters from classic Western literature
  • Allows you to finish as many rows as possible in a designated time

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Bored from solving words? Well, this game combines two of the most popular forms of gaming on the iOS!

  • A cross between traditional crossword gameplay and the hidden object genre
  • Clues for puzzles are hidden in gorgeous environments
  • 50 frantic levels
  • Also contains popular riddles
  • Made for casual puzzling enthusiasts 

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Surely, you can’t have a crossword app without mentioning the New York Times! 

  • Handpicked puzzles from the archives of the paper
  • Allows you to play tomorrow’s featured puzzle in advance with the use of the app
  • Formats puzzles according to how the paper itself does it
  • Over 6000 puzzles in the archive
  • Stack your score in the leaderboards

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iPhone / iPad

Why bother coming up with your own crossword puzzlers when you can just license the country’s best in one handy app?

  • Daily updates function
  • No recycled questions
  • Unlimited crossword sources to choose from
  • Easy integration of hints on gameplay
  • Global leaderboards

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iPhone / iPad

This free and lightweight app will bring you a number of crossword puzzles with the option to upgrade and receive plenty more.

  • Touch to hold hints
  • Look up clues
  • Post your solve times
  • Intuitive interface
  • US and UK spellings

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iPhone / iPad

This app's got crosswords which are just like the ones you used to solve in the daily paper!

  • Download new puzzles daily
  • Easy touching functions
  • Single-tap downloading functions
  • Easy hints
  • Know when to bring up the clues

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