If you loved the move Titanic, or are a student of history, then check out our list of the best Titanic apps for your iPhone. 



Price: $0.99

Released just in time for the Titanic’s centennial last year, this app recreates the Titanic in all its full-modeled 3D glory! You can finally find out for yourself how the supposedly indestructible ship had been breached by letting you examine literally every nook and cranny of all the ship’s details!



The Titanic

Price: $0.99

Of course, there is also the matter of the other Titanic! Timed for the release of the newly digitized Titanic by James Cameron (which, coincidentally enough, was also last year), this app is made for the all the Jack & Rose superfans of the world in mind! Do you think you know everything there is to know about the movie? Test yourself with this app!




SOS Titanic

Price: $0.99

An endless runner that is based on the premise that you don’t have to let the Titanic sink! Sure, that may be crass marketing, but you can’t deny that this game is just oodles of fun!





Titanic Rescue

Price: $0.99

Here’s another equally fun game which sees you playing God by helping as many passengers as you can on getting off from the sinking ship! And you know how historically accurate this app is? Most of the people you’ll be helping in this app are all Irish folk, complete with green hats and a shamrock-studded belt! Subtle, indeed.




Titanic Dog To The Rescue

Price: Free

If you think that the only notable dogs in the world are Lassie and Hachiko, then you clearly haven’t been brushing up on “Today in Pet History”! Detailing the amazing story of Rigel, a rescue dog who braved the freezing Atlantic waters to search for his “master”, the Titanic’s first officer who goes down in history as the only remaining officer-in-charge of the evacuation of the ship during that fateful night. Equally, part heartbreaking and inspirational, this is sure to be one of these interactive ebooks where both kids and adults can enjoy together!