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The best blackjack apps for iPad

08 Feb 2015 App Lists
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If you enjoy playing blackjack for fun or money or want to learn how to play this card game then check out our list of the best blackjack apps for your iPad.


iPhone / iPad

Learn about the strategies of playing blackjack by using this app.

  • Sums up why we still fall hard for apps like these
  • Simulates the feeling of winning big
  • Never lose big ever again
  • Fair AI opponents
  • Practice your skills on this app before going on for the real thing 

This free app has incredible graphics, which will make real-life Blackjack seem mundane in comparison!

  • Accurate to the very last pixel
  • Maintains a sense of “fairness” when playing against the AI
  • Meant for those wanting equal opportunities
  • High-stakes card games
  • Large icons 

iPhone / iPad

Compete in this game and move up the leader boards in BlackJack EN.

  • Scoreboard tie-in for every session
  • Know how long your hot streak can last
  • Add up to 21 points
  • Global leader boards
  • Intuitive scoreboard

iPhone / iPad

Play up to three hands at once with the help of this gold standard app.

  • Regularly doles out helpful advice
  • Find yourself in a band against the AI
  • Keeps track of your overall statistics
  • Give you a glimpse of which part of your game you need to hone
  • Become the ultimate card armchair master with this app 

If you're planning a trip to Vegas, make sure you try your hand at this risk-free BlackJack game first.

  • You’re given out 20 chips per minute
  • No need to be down on your funds
  • No bet ceiling to hamper your enjoyment of the game
  • Fun like the real-life blackjack
  • Develops your skill in the game 

This app features plenty of games aside from Blackjack.

  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Fantastic bonuses
  • Intuitive prize wheel
  • State of the art design
  • For full entertainment purposes

iPhone / iPad
1 review
App News & Reviews

Also packing plenty of gambling games along with Blackjack, this app will help you improve your skills and win chips in the virtual world before you try your hand at it in the real world.

  • Quality spin graphics
  • Classic video poker game
  • Play with friends anytime
  • Different slot themes
  • Single- and double-deck cards

iPhone / iPad

Play Blackjack online with other players from around the world, and enjoy the amazing features that come with this exciting game.

  • Live chat functions
  • Challenge your friends
  • Swap cocktails and dress up in outfits
  • Play as a guest or sign into your Tango account
  • Enjoy the mini-games

iPhone / iPad

This app enables you to play Vegas-style Blackjack from the comfort of your iPad.

  • Vegas-styled slot machine
  • Bonus prize wheels
  • Allows you to double-down on your credits
  • Slot simulator
  • Free to play

iPhone / iPad

Play everything from Blackjack and Poker to Roulette and Craps in this casino app.

  • Tons of slots
  • “Social scatter” functions
  • Play in real-time
  • Customize your gifts
  • Daily rewards

Here's an app that allows you to play this card game with multiple friends. 

  • Play online against friends
  • Easy gameplay
  • Intuitive interface
  • 24/7 support
  • Updated resources

iPhone / iPad

This game allows you to play Blackjack like you would in a real casino for free.

  • Full leaderboards
  • Competitive gameplay
  • Updated resources
  • Colorful graphics
  • Rewards can be exchanged for real money

iPhone / iPad
1 review

Become a high roller by playing Blackjack with the help of this app.

  • Ad-supported, free app
  • Configure the game to your liking
  • Sharpen your skills before betting real money at a casino
  • Two strategies to choose from
  • Game Center integration

iPhone / iPad

Bring Vegas to your iPad with this app which will let you play Blackjack with daily free chips.

  • Sign up once and play on all devices as well as Facebook
  • Earn more than 50 achievements
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • Global and Friend leaderboads
  • Earn chips on a daily lottery basis

iPhone / iPad
1 review
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Packed with awesome animations, this app will bring you a realistic Blackjack experience along with plenty of hints, strategies, and more to turn you into a Blackjack savant.

  • Interactive interface
  • No in-app purchases; unlimited free chips
  • Receive dealer hints
  • Choose your table background
  • Surrender any game to get out of tricky situations

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