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BC Blackjack app review: a 3-D immersive blackjack game 2021



Over the last couple of decades, casino games have become increasingly popular to the point that just about everyone over the age of 16 is playing one. Probably, the most popular games are games such as poker, blackjack, and variations of the two.

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The most likely reason these two games are more popular than others is because, while there will always be an element of chance in casino style games, these two particular games do at least rely on individual skill and expertise to some point. We may all enjoy games of chance, but we do like to have some control over the situation.

Perhaps, the biggest shortcoming of the so-called best blackjack apps in the App Store is that they tend to be two-dimensional and don’t really let you feel like you’re part of the game. A recent release to the App Store, that is trying to change all that, is BC Blackjack – a blackjack game that offers a fully immersive 3-D experience that will make you feel like you’re actually at the casino.

This is a free app, but if you want to gain exclusive access to extra content and eliminate the ads you will have to upgrade to the premium version of the app at a cost of $3.99. The app is compatible with all major iOS platforms including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

In our blackjack app review, we will see just how easy it is to learn blackjack or for those practicing blackjack.

Introduction image

BC Blackjack


There Is an Upgrade

As we’ve already mentioned in the introduction, there are some limitations to the free version. If you do decide to upgrade to the premium version you eliminate all the ads, you have access to higher table limits, and you gain exclusive access to practice modes.

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The free version still allows you to play the game and you can access some helpful advice to develop a strategy, so unless you find the ads really distracting you’ll probably have no real need to upgrade.

Most Tables Are Locked

Arguably, the biggest drawback with the free version of this app, other than the full paged ads, is the fact that most tables are locked out.

The only table you can access is one that allows you to bet between $2 and $200. While this limitation doesn’t really change the game strategy, it does take away from that true casino feel a little bit.

On the plus side, you only have to purchase the app’s upgrade once and you gain full access to everything within the app at a minimal cost of $3.99.

Most Tables Are Locked image

BC Blackjack


Realistic Casino Style Feel

This app’s the brainchild of a company called Bedrock Code LLC from Los Angeles, California. The company was only founded in 2015, but in that short period of time its owner Mark Yamashita has produced several successful apps already including Aw Craps! and the TeachMe series of apps.

With this new blackjack app, Yamashita states that he was trying to create an app that took advantage of the graphic capabilities of the iOS system – one that was more lifelike with 3-D graphics and all the details to give it that casino feel.

I have to say Yamashita has succeeded in doing what he set out to do. This blackjack app has all the details nailed down from the flipping of cards by the dealer, to the chinking of chips as you throw them down on the table to place your bets.

It’s a lot of fun and you really will feel like you’re sitting down at a casino table making your big bet.

Realistic Casino Style Feel image

Double down

If you really want to enhance your experience you have the option of using advanced features such as double down and splitting during you’re game play. It’s just another thing that the app developer of BC Blackjack has included to give you that real-world blackjack feel.

The blackjack games I’ve played on my own iPhone in the past have been very basic and lacked all of these great features so this was a welcome surprise.

Great Sound Effects

While the 3-D graphics we’ve talked about above do lend a realistic feel to this app, what really puts it over the top are the great sound effects that are included as well.

When you throw your chips down they chink like they’re knocking together and when the dealer shuffles the cards it sounds just like it would in real life. The only thing it’s really missing is the background noise of the casino itself and perhaps that’s something they’ll consider for an upgrade down the line.

Great Sound Effects image

Pros and Cons


  • Easy access strategy cards
  • Free unlimited play
  • Realistic 3-D graphics
  • Includes features such as double down and splitting
  • Great sound effects
  • Customize table rules


  • Free version includes full paged ads
  • The free version is also limited to one small value table

Pros and Cons image

An Immersive Blackjack Experience

BC Blackjack is without a doubt one of the best blackjack apps I’ve ever used on the iOS platform. Instead of relying on the standard 2-D graphics that are so common in basic casino games, this app includes realistic 3-D graphics that make you feel like you’re actually at the casino. 

You will find yourself getting lost in the intensity of this game and you’ll probably have difficulty putting it away when it’s suppertime. I suggest setting aside a couple of hours when you have some free time before you get started, because once you do you won’t want to walk away.

BC Blackjack

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