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Rom and the whale of dreams app review: a beautiful story for kids



While there are plenty of stories available for kids, not all are created equal and not all capture the attention and imagination of their readers. The Rom and the whale of dreams app is specifically to be used with your iPad and gives kids ages six to 11 a beautifully illustrated story to enjoy. The book is the first in a series and is available in multiple languages. What stands out about this story is the illustrations that feel and look like a collage.

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Rom and the whale of dreams


Open the Pages

When you launch this  bed time app be prepared to be intrigued by the gorgeous illustrations. As mentioned is it narrated in multiple languages which are Chinese, Spanish, and English. There are 25 pages in total, all of which offer stunning visuals and a lovely musical score. The story is about Rom, a gypsy prince, who has set off on a magical journey to find a creature he has dreamed of. This creature is a whale that has butterfly wings and lion's paws.

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Unlike many free apps this one is not supported by ads, nor does it have push notifications and in-app purchases. This means kids can look forward to a smooth experience. This book doesn't just tell a wonderful story with stunning illustrations; it also teaches kids about other languages.

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Learn Through Reading

Reading is great for a number of reasons but how about reading as a way of learning a new language? The story offers on-page translations of words and multilingual expressions and vocabulary. Kids can enjoy the story while picking up on some new words. Be sure to check out the animations on each of the pages that work when you drag, tap, and swipe them. Kids will absolutely delight in all the interactive treasures they discover.

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I think it’s also important to point out the user interface that is kept clean, uncluttered, and absolutely beautiful as well. The app is a truly unique reading experience that will have kids wanting to come back for more and continue to learn words in other languages. There is a Read To Me mode so that kids can enjoy the story narrated. Because of this feature, kids younger than six can probably still enjoy the story; they may just need a little assistance from mom and dad.

This is a fairly new release with no customer ratings yet. While the app isn’t priced too high, it would have been nice to see it a bit lower, at least while it’s still new.

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Rom and the whale of dreams


Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful and clean user interface
  • Stunning illustrations and interactive elements throughout the story
  • Ideal for kids aged six to 11
  • Supports a few different languages
  • Features a read to me mode


  • It would be nice to see additional interactions and features added

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Final Thoughts

The Rom and the whale of dreams app for your iPad is a lovely story for kids to enjoy either on their own or with mom and dad reading with them.

Rom and the whale of dreams

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