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Yatzy Ultimate Free app review: enjoy the game anytime 2021



Here's your chance to enjoy the classic game any time you like when you download the Yatzy Ultimate Free app on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone.

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If you've never played this game before here is your perfect opportunity with this Yatzy game app. Just consider yourself warned because it is very addictive.

What's really fun with this Yatzy app for iPhone is that you are given a few different game modes to choose from so the game stays fresh and challenging at all times. Speaking of challenge there is a solo mode and the chance to go up against a random opponent.

Cotninue reading our Yatzy free app review to see if it's one of the best dice games for iPhone users and gamers. 

Yatzy Ultimate Free - Play the Classic Dice Game - roll and win big


Bringing Back a Classic

Yes there are all kinds of wonderful and cool games available nowadays but there is still something that can be said for the classics you remember growing up with. This is also a chance for people to discover the game for the very first time.

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As mentioned there are a couple of different game modes and you can choose to battle a random opponent or enjoy a solo game. When you start you are given 5,000 Game.IO Chips that you can use for betting. You will obviously be working to win more and there is the chance to purchase more.

Speaking of purchases, this is a free game to download but there are a number of in-app purchases. These purchases range from $0.99 to $7.99. The app has four out of five stars from customers. Users love how true it stays to the classic while also offering some fun new twists.

Bringing Back a Classic image

Start as a Newbie

When you first start playing the game you'll be playing as a Newbie and as you win you will be able to move up in the levels. You can place bets, practice in the training mode, play against random opponents of friends, and win more Game.IO of course.

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The app supports Leaderboards and it keeps a history of all your gaming statistics so you can see how much you have improved. When you have a particularly good game you can share the results through social media.

Go ahead and launch the app so you can choose from training mode, nearby game mode, bet, or online. A great place to start, even if you’re familiar with Yatzy, is with training mode.

It’s a great way to not just understand the game but also get comfortable with the game controls. The dice game is smooth, fun, and very simple to understand. Even the sound effects are perfect.

Start as a Newbie image

Yatzy Ultimate Free - Play the Classic Dice Game - roll and win big


Pros and Cons


  • Gameplay is smooth
  • Simple and clean user interface
  • A variety of game modes to choose from
  • The ability to play online against other players
  • Supports the Leaderboards
  • Has a training mode


  • There had been some minor bugs, which are now fixed
  • There are a number of in-app purchases

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Yatzy Ultimate Free app can be played on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and really brings the classic game to life in a dynamic and engaging way. Gameplay is smooth, enjoyable, and challenging.

Yatzy Ultimate Free - Play the Classic Dice Game - roll and win big

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