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The DGVG app review: a virtual guide for navigation through disc golf courses



Up until about ten minutes ago I had never heard of disc golfing. This might sound weird, but imagine my feeling when I learned about a sport that hadn't previously existed in my mind. After reading up about it, I soon found out that this is an increasingly growing sport with enthusiasts all over the globe. It sounds fun too! It’s basically a mix between golf and Frisbee!

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Developer Sunshine Valley Systems must have known about this sport for a long time, as they developed The DGVG, The Disc Golfer Virtual Guide, which has mapped out complete disc golf courses in full 3D so you can optimize your score while playing on the supported courses. At the moment there are only two courses supported, but I can sense this will grow vastly in the near future. The app is compatible with both iPad and iPhone and is just under 43 MB.



What it Offers

At the moment, this app only supports two disc golf course, both in California, where the sport was founded and has its largest following. The courses that are currently available are Condon Disc Course in Grass Valley, California, USA and Hanging Oaks Disc Course in Penn Valley, California, USA. These two courses are fully mapped and recreated in 3D, which allows you to use the app’s augmented reality function to see exactly where you will have to throw your disc to get your optimal score. It will also tell you which disc is the optimal to use for every position on the course. 

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Why is This Awesome App Free?

The reason why this amazing app is free is because this is basically a tech demo for the developer’s Kickstarter campaign. This campaign, which after some research I found out, hasn’t gone live yet but they are planning to bring at least eight more courses to this app and to the website. These will of course not be free, but if you support the developer via Kickstarter, you will likely get early and free access to these courses. One last thing I will have to mention: the courses are quite large and for a full universal course you should count on around 500 MB worth of space per course. 

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It looks real!
It looks real!



Pros and Cons


  • It’s free
  • Full of detail and information about disc golf courses
  • A clever way to promote your Kickstarter



  • Each course takes up a lot of space


And had all the details!
And had all the details!


For anyone who lives in California and likes Disc Golf, this app is especially made for you. There is so much for you here that you almost have to give money to this developer’s Kickstarter when it finally gets off the ground. I would think they should make this app for normal golf as well and they would have a larger (and richer) user base. The app is designed for both iPad and iPhone.



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