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Fun Golf GPS 3D app review: information at your fingertips 2021



Calling all golfers: we've got a fungolf gps app that delivers all kinds of helpful information for your game right to your fingertips while you're on the course.

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The Fun Golf GPS 3D app supports almost 32,000 different golf courses around the world by offering 3D maps. This Fun golf app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and unlike some of the other apps that are similar to this one there is no fee or subscription required to use ths fungolf gps app.

Whether you are golfing on a course you’ve never tried before or one of your favorites the information in this fun golf gps can certainly help. It's easily one of the best fun golf apps available. 

Fun Golf GPS


Many Uses

Here's an example of an app that manages to be multi-functional, making it more valuable to the customer. Of course it provides 3D maps of almost 32,000 golf courses around the world as mentioned but there is also more it can do.

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Use this app to actually track your position on the course and then view the exact yardage, keep track of your shots through the app, and check out what club it recommends you use. It’s like having your own personal golf caddy working with you to improve your game.

This app has recently been updated with a number of bug fixes and the main app is free but there are additional features in the FunGolf Store, which is new. Customers have given this app four out of five stars as they are clearly happy with what it offers.

Many Uses image

Taking a Closer Look

There are plenty of things offered in this app that go far beyond just simple and basic. For instance even if you're playing on the most bright and sunny day you'll still be able to view your map easily because it is high-contrast.

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The club suggestion/recommendation is automatic and is based upon your current lie and distance, and the app will alert you of any hazards that may be within your upcoming play. The scorecard is a helpful feature in itself and the app can show you how your game is doing over time with your Average Putts per hole, Average Score, and other stats. Don't worry, the maps are available without an Internet connection.

The Fun Golf GPS 3D app could act as an invaluable tool to a golfer just starting out and trying to improve their game but is unsure of what they can do. As well, seasoned golfers may just find they are able to shave a bit more off their score.

Taking a Closer Look image

Fun Golf GPS


Pros and Cons


  • A beautiful, clean, and simple user interface
  • The maps are available offline
  • View golf club recommendation, yardage, upcoming hazards, and more
  • Features almost 32,000 3D maps of golf courses around the world
  • Keeps track of your statistics so you can see how your game is improving over time


  • There are now some features only available in the FunGolf Store which requires an in-app purchase

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Fun Golf GPS 3D app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone can not only improve your game but is also a whole lot of fun to use.

Fun Golf GPS

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