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Tri app review: how good are you with visuals?



We all have different strong suits and if you happen to be really good at recognizing and remembering things using visuals then this app may just be for you. The Tri app can be played on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and will be testing your pattern recognition abilities. It is meant to be a brain-training game so even if you don't find yourself particularly good at visual pattern recognition this games app may be able to turn that around. The game itself is a simple concept that is easy to understand but in order to succeed you'll really need to put your brain to the test.

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Easy to Understand

This is a brand-new release and features very simple gameplay. You will be trying to match up sets of three symbols. You will be matching them based on their number, fill, color, and shape, but this isn't a leisurely paced game as you're racing against the clock. Tri can be played by kids and adults as anyone can benefit from this brain training. There are a couple of modes to choose from so that the challenge is always stimulating to your brain.

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Despite the fact that this puzzle app is a brand-new release it already has a perfect five star rating from players. It looks like it is a very positive and strong start. The user comments are very complimentary using words such as "great, fun, challenging, addictive, and highly recommended."


Brain teasing action
Brain teasing action

Launch the Fun

So if you’re ready to launch the fun your first challenge will be to decide which game mode you want to play. In Tabletop Mode you'll be working at a fast pace and this is a social mode. You will be challenging an opponent and it's all about finding the connection accurately and quickly before your opponent does. In Classic Mode the game is all about getting the most points possible. There are bonuses and lifelines as well. If you do especially well you can share your high score on Twitter and Facebook, which will also earn you bonus points.

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I always appreciate games that are simple to understand, well-put-together, and user-friendly and the Tri game succeeds in all of these categories. I even enjoy the brief tutorial you are given that manages to be engaging, something that most tutorials don’t succeed in. Everything feels polished and as though plenty of thought went into the final offering.


Fabuloulsy addictive gameplay
Fabuloulsy addictive gameplay



Pros and Cons


  • Clean and simple graphics
  • User-friendly game controls
  • An engaging tutorial that explains the gameplay perfectly
  • Choose from a couple of modes of play
  • The ability to earn bonus points


  • Some may be looking for additional features and tools but this game is kept very simple


Tri screenshot
Tri screenshot

Final Words

The Tri app can be enjoyed on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and just as other players have commented I find it to be incredibly addictive and fun and I love how simple the game board is kept.



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