If you love everything about fairies, then check out our list of the best fairy apps for your iPad. 


Magical fairy friends: Dorothy the rainbow fairy

Price: $2.99

Believe it or not, this app came directly from the imagination of a child! Thus, all of the interactive stuff you see on this app is really meant for kids, by kids! It’s educational without being pandering, which you can rarely say for any apps devised  for kids nowadays!




Price: Free

Little fairies created using a “breeding” scheme similar to a Pokemon game?  And strangely enough, this app works just fine without being too overly weird about it!




Fairy cubes HD

Price: $4.99

A block-puzzler with a cute fairy-esque art aesthetic. And really, no matter what we say about this app, you’ll still download it as long as it has fairies on it.





Fairy farm

Price: Free

And here’s another app which obviously takes its inspiration from the countless clones Farmville has influenced! But one major difference to it is that you can brew potions and perform alchemy in order to make your farm grow even more! Yep, this app may be a clone, but at least it’s not a total rip off!




Fairy Tail

Price: $1.99

Bringing you the latest manga and anime episodes from Hiro Mashima’s breakout “tale” (ahem) of a group of teenage wizards who are interested more in causing melees than on casting magic, this should be the perfect introduction for anyone who still doesn’t get what the fuss is all about with this series!