If you love everything about fairies, then check out our list of the best fairy apps for your iPhone. 


Fairy Colors - Magical Draw and Paint Coloring Book HD

Price: Free

Draw, paint, color, and play your way across seven-themed “worlds” with this really beautiful app! There’s tons of fun to be had with this app, so if there’s only one on this list that you must download,  it's this one!



Mary The Fairy - Fairy Game for Kids

Price: $0.99

Perhaps taking a cue from Telltale’s style of “episodic” gaming, this app is equal parts casual game and interactive ebook! With a plot that revolves around a little fairy who looks to get her first wings (yep, just like the Tooth Fairy from the movies), your child will spend hours trying to beat this “game”… and leave them wanting even more!



Andrew Lang's Fairy Tales LITE: The "Colored" Fairy Books and The Arabian Nights

Price: Free

There’s a reason why classic fairy tales like Rumpelstilstkin and Little Red Riding Hood are enduring artifacts of Western culture: these otherworldly tales still retain a modicum of human element behind all of them. Sure enough, all of these tales—12 books, are compiled in this one intuitive storybook app. At the very least, you don’t have to lug around a large storybook anymore while you’re reading bedtime stories to your child!



600 Fairy Tales - The World‘s Biggest Book of Fairy Tales

Price: $0.99

Yep, this app has enough fairy tales in it to fill a castle! However, one of the functions which stand out from this app is a mix-and-match game where your child is encouraged to pair a storybook character with the title of the story on which it belongs!





Price: $2.99

An app which contains hundreds of gorgeous fairy photos and artwork to keep you warm in the night—as if you need any more reason not to download this app!