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WowZapp app review: storyboards, photo polls, and more



If you’re tired of the same old social media humdrum then you might want to check out WowZapp on your iPhone and iPad as it provides some fun new ways for you to connect with your friends and family that you won’t find on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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This is a very novel concept for an app that I think has been implemented rather well. If at all possible I’d really like to see some integration with other social media platforms but even in its current form I like WowZapp a lot.



Animate Your Online Presence

Making a strikingly unique addition to the Social Networking category of the App Store is this cool utility that enables you to chat and connect with your friends online in fun and fantastic new ways through the medium of things like text messages, voice clips, storyboards, polls, and loads more.

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The storyboards are very cool in that you can combine your photos with stickers and various effects, and at the very least this should give you some fresh new ideas for enhancing some of your selfies or other photos.

Set up photo polls
Set up photo polls

Cast Your Votes: Hawaiian or Pepperoni?

One feature of WowZapp that I really like is the use of VoiceStickers; they remind me a lot of the old animated stickers that you could send on MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. These are great for surprising and amusing your friends in a slightly more animated fashion.

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Yet another great feature is the use of text and photo polls to which you can attach up to four photos. If you’re not sure what to wear, which car to buy, or simply which toppings to order on your pizza, this polling feature should come in very handy indeed! 

Enhance your images
Enhance your images



Pros & Cons


  • Chat and connect with your friends online in fun and fantastic new ways
  • Send basic text messages, voice clips, storyboards, polls, and loads more
  • Storyboards enable you to combine your photos with stickers and effects for greater expression
  • Create basic text polls or attach up to four images to create fun photo polls
  • Enhance your messages with stickers or handcrafted drawings
  • Use VoiceStickers to provide some fresh and amusing input into the conversation


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Animate your chats with stickers
Animate your chats with stickers

Final Words

WowZapp is a fun and very light-hearted approach to social networking that is well worth keeping on your iPhone and iPad for those times when you want a break from your usual Facebook browsing habits and crave a little more originality.



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