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Baking with Dorie! app review



Are you the type who wouldn't dream of inviting friends and family over for a home-cooked meal because your cooking leaves a lot to be desired? The Baking with Dorie! app for your iPad will take you from being scared of the kitchen to being a pro who is inspired by cooking. With this offering you'll be taking a one-on-one baking course with a well-known baker, Dorie Greenspan. It will be as though Dorie is right there in your kitchen guiding you and helping you along. Dorie specializes in taking even the most complex dish and making it approachable and easy to take on.

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Baking with Dorie!


Show Off Your Skills

With the help of the Baking with Dorie! app you may just discover you have all kinds of skills in the kitchen that you weren’t even aware of. The app is presented in such a way that you feel you are taking a one-on-one course with Dorie as she takes you through the many techniques used in baking. Dorie is extremely well-known and respected not just by the public but by professionals in the industry and has three decades worth of experience. In other words, she knows what she’s doing. The app has been designed to be simple enough for beginners to use and complex enough for intermediate students to learn from.

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The app is free to download and then you can purchase a variety of recipes as in-app purchases for $0.99 or the All Recipes Bundle for $2.99. It hasn't been updated in close to a year now, with its last update offering a couple new recipes. The app only has three out of five stars from users, it seems as though many are turned-off by the fact you need to pay for each recipe.

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Get Cooking

When it comes to the cooking/baking experience you will find the app makes it very easy to follow along. There are over 100 HD videos offered that take you through over 20 of Dorie's most beloved recipes. This app really blends a cooking class experience with that of a high-quality cookbook.

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Features of the app include being able to use the guided walk through of the recipe along with instruction by video. ChartView lets you take in a cooking lesson in a way that is mapped out from start to finish. Meanwhile in SpinView the app acts like a carousel using the video so you can move through it at your own speed. Recipes can be shared with friends on Twitter and Facebook, there is a shopping list tool, timers to use while baking, and there is a step-tracking tool.

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Baking with Dorie!


Pros and Cons


  • The app is simple to use
  • Read the recipe as well as follow the video instructions
  • Watch the video at your own speed
  • There are a variety of tools such as the shopping list, the timers, and the step-tracker
  • Recipes are all professional quality


  • The recipes aren’t free
  • There isn’t a huge variety of recipes

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Final Thoughts

The Baking with Dorie! app for your iPad successfully gives users a fun way to get familiar with baking and feel more confident in the kitchen. 

Baking with Dorie!

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