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Snow Queen app review: a classic fairy tale



Here's a chance to introduce your young child to a classic fairy tale character with an interactive book experience. The Snow Queen app can be used on your iPad and features not just the book but games, interactive elements, and professionally narrated content. This eBook boasts all kinds of additional features such as its stunning artwork, its smooth user-friendly performance, and the fact it is engaging and interesting for kids ages six through eight. It's even available in three different languages to open even more options for users.

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Snow Queen


Enjoy Stunning Artwork

The Snow Queen app delivers readers 27 gorgeous pages of content that is filled with stunning artwork and more than 300 interactive objects throughout. Kids will love being able to touch everything on the screen and listen to the sounds objects make, move characters, and so much more. This is the kind of book that manages to offer them an engaging experience each time they read the book. It's important to point out that the illustrations in the book have actually been done by an award-winning artist, Vladyslav Yerko, so you know you're in for beautiful images. In fact the illustrations were actually done using a magnifying glass and ultra-fine brushes to ensure the result is perfect and very well-detailed.

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The app was last updated a year ago when there were some user interface improvements. The app seems to be leaving users extremely happy as it has five out of five stars. The customer comments are nothing but positive, pointing out how responsive the interactive features are, how beautiful the pages look, and how fun it is.

Enjoy Stunning Artwork image

A Feature-Packed Experience

Users of the Snow Queen app are really in for a feature-packed experience that is more than just a story and interactive elements. The story just so happens to be professionally narrated by a well-known voice artist. As well there are seven mini-games to engage in. Kids can test out their problem solving skills with the jigsaw puzzles where they can pick from three difficulty levels, and there is a coloring book that features a variety of painting modes.

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There are plenty of interactive eBooks out there but they are not all equal. This offering feels incredibly professional, sleek, smooth, and most of all, engaging. It’s a wonderful way for kids to get into the spirit of the approaching holiday season.

A Feature-Packed Experience image

Snow Queen


Pros and Cons


  • A professionally illustrated and narrated eBook
  • There are more than 300 interactive elements throughout the book
  • There are seven mini-games for kids to take part in
  • The app is child-friendly
  • Each time they read the book it feels fresh and new thanks to all the fun elements


  • This app is only available on the iPad

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Snow Queen app for your iPad is a beautiful offering that can be the perfect addition to your holiday reading list. The app is so professionally done from top to bottom and does a great job capturing the interest of young readers.

Snow Queen

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