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Kinetics app review: an immersive and addictive game



Kinetics is a game for your iPhone and iPad that will take you into a different world with its gentle music, pleasing sound-effects, and colorful graphics.

You can grab this app for free from the App Store's Games section and accommodate it onto your iOS device easily, as it only takes up 22.2 MB of space.

Let's dive right in!

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Two Gaming Modes

The main menu of Kinetics is simple, with three options: Play Now, Achievements, and Settings. There is no music and no sound effects here, just a bunch of colorful squares moving across and down in the background. You can toggle the music and sound effects on and off from the Settings, and in case you are color-impaired, you will want to switch on the Labels mode.

When you tap Play Now, you can choose between two modes: Classic mode, or Attack mode. The former entails the single player gameplay with hundreds of levels that make for hours of gameplay, while the latter is a race against the clock, where you must solve as many puzzles as you can before the 60-second timer runs out.

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Progressive Puzzles
Progressive Puzzles

Interface and Gameplay

The gamplay itself is really immersive, and the music will gently begin while short and succinct text instructions guide you through the initial levels. Your objective is to connect the colored squares with one another, so for instance, blue must be connected to blue, yellow to yellow, and so on.

There is a grid through which you must carve out your path, and you cannot overlap paths for the different colors. This is any OCD users' dream come true!

There are some cute and quirky sound effects, colorful animation, and best of all, very relaxing music that will keep you engaged and put you in an almost meditative state as you proceed through the levels with simple progression.

There are a few in-app purchases that will unlock more types of gameplay and help you take the game further.

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Connect colors together
Connect colors together



Pros & Cons


  • Long gameplay duration with hundreds of levels
  • Progress through the levels with ease
  • Two modes of play: Classic mode and Attack Mode
  • Prompts that encourage you
  • Calming and delightful music as well as sound effects
  • Simple graphics yet very pleasant to look at
  • Color-impaired players can use numerical labels


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Challenging gameplay
Challenging gameplay

Final Words

Kinetics is a highly-evolved version of “Flow Free,” which I have been using on my iPhone and iPad for over a year! Though I'll keep Flow Free for the memory, I get the feeling I will only want to play Kinetics since it's far more engaging in appearance, sound effects, and overall gameplay.



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