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Amazing Beat app review: get into the music



The Amazing Beat app is a brand new release that can be played on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and will require you to not just listen to the music but also feel the rhythm, and then keep in time with it by tapping. This one offers a rather unexpected challenge that you'll want to keep trying time and time again.

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Amazing Beat


Feel the Rhythm

It's all about the music with the Amazing Beat app, where you'll be keeping in time with the rhythm by tapping on the right side. It's a very easy-to-understand game but it's incredibly hard to master. That's what makes this one so addictive! You know it's easy enough to play so you should be able to do amazing on it yet it never works out that way. The rules are very easy: you just need to match the shape. You tap right to move the red circle to the right and tap left to move the blue box to the left. You will be trying to out-do your previous best score each time you play.

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As mentioned this is a brand-new release so with that said it doesn't have any updates as of right now. It does, however, already have a perfect five star rating from users who have also posted plenty of complimentary comments about how interesting the game is, how addictive, and challenging it is.

The game controls are easy to understand
The game controls are easy to understand

Playing the Game

There are a couple of things to note about the Amazing Beat app,  like when you launch it you'll be able to pick the music you want to play along with. The app supports Game Center and on a negative note it's supported by an ad banner across the bottom of the screen. This can tend to get in the way during gameplay. The shapes that fall are falling at a very rapid rate from the top of the screen so you're going to need to be on your toes right from the start. You'll soon discover this app really puts your reflexes to the test. The graphics have a retro feel to them and are simple but fun. I have to say the challenge level here is really quite steep, I have played the game multiple times and haven't really made much progress yet.

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Game play is fast and challenging
Game play is fast and challenging

Amazing Beat


Pros and Cons


  • The app offers challenging game play that is highly addictive
  • The app supports Game Center
  • The app features some rather fun retro-style graphics
  • Choose the music you want to play to
  • The game controls are simple and responsive


  • This game takes a whole lot of practice to perfect your skills
  • The ads across the bottom of the screen take away from the game

Final Thoughts

The Amazing Beat app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is not your casual laid-back game; instead, this one is fast-paced, challenging, and very addictive.

Amazing Beat

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